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Annie my angel

Annie my angel

By: Stephen Mathew

Hello iss fans I am Stephen Mathew. This is a real incident which occurred last summer we live in kottayam in Kerala. Our father John Mathew is a retired army officer. He owns a security service in kottayam. Mom Aeliamma is a teacher in a convent school near our house. My sister Annie is married to Eric who is working in US as computer engineer and they both live in Chicago. I am in my final year engineering college. Last summer my sister came from US to spend the vocation with us. The first ten days went very fast by seeing her friends and relatives .I also accompany her in my bolero. She is very free with me and even we transfer sex jokes along our rides. We got bored in 10 days and we planned a trip to our cardamom estate in Moonar mom and dad did not accompany us because of their tight schedule in their duties mom had to valuate exam papers and dad had a recruitment and training for new security personals. So we started our journey to Moonar by 7 in the morning .As my Bolero is air conditioned and I played the music much louder to enjoy the zigzag road ride .my sister was wearing a t-shirt and midi

And I wear a cotton shirt and shorts. By 10 am we reached the mountain road which was not much crowded. I parked in a bar and carried two cartoons of strong and lager beer. When I entered the car my sister asked me to buy some chilled beer and snacks. I bought 4 chilled lager beer and some roasted cashew nuts. Sister opened the first beer as I started driving she tasted a gulp and handed it to me and she also opened one. We rode in a very jolly mood I removed my shirt and got free. My sister complained that men can open their shirt any where and before any body. I said that I don’t feel difference in men and women and they have equal human rights. As soon as I said this she pulled off her T-shirt and was sitting with a sweat wear which revealed most part of her cleavage she pushed her seat back and relaxed then opened the second beer for both of us. As soon as finishing the beer she complained that her denim midi felt uneasy and unzipped the middi. Then I got bolder and asked what about your sweat wears. She told that it is also uneasy but if some highway patrol police stop for checking it will be ugly to sit half nude in front of them. My mind began to turn wild and my cock made a tend in my shorts. She giggled on seeing this and said why men get aroused on seeing girls thighs and cleavage .I said that this cannot be explained because you are my sister.

By 12 noon we reached our estate, the coorga opened the gate and gave a brisk salute. We reached the bungalow and went to our rooms to open the tank and fresh up. The caretaker carried the luggage and beer cartoons .After freshen up we went for our meals. It was a delicious meal with wild chicken, rabbit, and some birds. I drank rum (army) and sister drank beer. After a little nap we got up and took a ride into the dense forest for hunting. We rode in our Bolero into the dense forest about 15 km from our bungalow and 5 km from our estate boundary. People don’t come here in the after noon and our estate worker does not come there because Cardamom plants are mostly cared during harvest season only. Annie was wearing a white thin cotton shirt and a short mini skirt (shorter than midi which went till the lower thigh 6 inches above the knees. I was wearing a hunter’s suit (denim shirt and tight shorts). While our ride she said that she had to collect some leaves to preserve in herbarium. I said ok and we got down our Bolero and trekked on an animal path way the path was very slippery and a little carelessness may cause a fall.

As I was wearing trekking shoes I walked griply, but Annie was wearing a high heels foot wear and also she was making a cats walk humming an English song .she was walking by my back. Suddenly I heard a loud cry and turned and saw Annie in an awkward position. She slipped from the path and was lying on an invert position. Her miniskirt went above her hip and her loose fitting shirt had rolled above her bobs. For the first time I saw by sister fully nude and at once I got an erection. I helped her to the way but she could hardly walk so I lifted by her right shoulder placing my hand under her arms now her 36” bobs were in an intimate touch with my back and my right hand . She was also enjoying the feeling and forgot the pain in her thigh .Her dress were soiled due to the marsh .I suggested to return back to the bungalow .But she refused that if they go right in this situation there would be a great grief among the workers and all will come and console her . So she suggested to go to the stream and wash the dress. I lead her to nearby stream which was running through the rocks with water falls .The water falls was surrounded by rocks so nobody from outside can see any body near the falls.

She went near it and removed her dress completely and was standing nude and washing the dress. I was turned in other direction. My Annie called me near her and asked are you shy. I told that you are my sister and it’s wrong to stare her naked body. She told that ‘you bloody basted; you stared at me when I was lying on the mud during the fall and you did not try to cover my privates or close your eyes, nobody is here so come near me and help me to take a dip in the falls”. I went near her my cock got erect but I did not want to show to my sister. She held my hand and shoved her head inside the falls. The water splashed from her head and my dress became wet, so she suggested me to undress myself. I hesitated but she opened the buttons of my shirt and pulled down the trouser zip. My trouser circled around my legs and fell on the rock. She pulled me closer to her so as to push my head into the falls. My cock stuck straightly on her pussy mount and it began to pulse. She caught hold of it and said that your cock is very beautiful and began to stroke up and down of its length. I hugged her and planted a French kiss, she accepted it and our mouths were locked nearly for 10 minutes, our tongs were licking each other. I got courage and pressed her both bobs and began to squeeze like Mozambique oranges .She started to moan in pleasure and came out of the falls and lied on the rock which was smooth as marble flooring .She raised her legs and spread as much as she can and spread her pussy with her fingers.

Till that day I had not viewed a real pussy but I have seen on the net and in some magazines. I bend on her and kissed her pussy, the sweat aroma addicted me and I began to shove my tong deep in her pussy .She was raising and grinding her pussy on my mouth and archer her back to give it full assess. Her juice was flowing like stream and I did not miss even a drop. She got continuous orgasms and lay like a spread eagle. My cock was paining in full blossom and she noticed it. She asked me to lie over her in 69 so both can taste others part. She took my tool in her mouth and gave me a deep trough. I was about to come so I raised a little but she pulled my buts and let me not to pull out. I climaxed and let streams of semen deep in her mouth which even over flowed some before she swallowed. I got up from her and went to dress she pulled my legs and I fell near her. She said that the dresses are wet and it will spoil the Bolero seat and so we can wait for some time until the dresses dry. I accepted and sat near her nude. She caught my cock and examined its length and girth.

I asked her that whether she has not seen such cock before. She broke into tears and said not. She added that her hubby Erick had only laid her four or five times since marriage. I asked whether he is impotent. She said that he spends most of the time in his computer come to bed late in the night and fall asleep immediately. She could not lie with any body else in US because she is a house wife and she cannot get ones company. I consoled her and said I have sexy feelings with her since my 14th age and I use to masturbate fantasizing her. She asked me that then why did you waste the time when we were at kottayam and said that she also used sexy jokes and double meaning conversations to initiate me. I said that if you are not my sister I may have laid her on the second day of her arrival. She bends forward and placed a kiss on my cock and licked its tip and said tear my pussy and make me a mother. I said that we can do it when we reach our bungalow and in the bed. She asked why not here, I said my knees would get sore by kitting the rock. She said “you fool whether you have heard our traditional keralite position, woman on top.” She asked me to lie still on my back and she will do all the things.

I lay on my back and she got on my top and guided my cock in her tight pussy and began to do. Her bobs were jumping to the rhythm of her fuck. I held her bobs to support her humping. Finally we both got our orgasm and she relaxed as if she had jumped out of fire. We returned back to our bungalow by 7 pm. Dinner was ready with bon fire and tribal dance. I asked our caretaker to bring chilled beers, he said that it can be had at day and now there is Sarayam (arrack) which was specially brewed for our father’s security service and it will warm us from the Moonar cold. The party started and the tribal girls danced bare breasted I looked Annie she was feeling uneasy with her midi and blouse and whispered in my ear whether she may join the dance . The other one dressed was our maid I looked at her she under stood and removed her blouse and joined the dance. Annie jumped from her seat and mode a striptease she took of her dress one by one and finally she tossed her bra on my face and the tempo of music increased all the girls began to strip their under covers also.

Food was served to men and I asked Annie to have food. The food was fire roasted boar (wild pig) and tapioca. Annie sat by the table nude and the dance continued until we finished our food then all were in full booze and each men picked a girl and disappeared in the dark. I and Annie went inside the bungalow and locked the door while our care taker took the maid holding her breast. We went to the same bed room and hugged air tight. I took Annie’s bobs in my mouth and sucked like a child and screwed the other nipple with my fingers. Then I laid her on her back and teased her kissing her from head to toe. She was moaning in ecstasy and said “don’t tease me I will die so put your wonderful cock in my burning pussy and cool it”. I jumped on her top the imported bed bounced twice. I put my dick in her hot pussy and fucked for nearly one hour (effect of arrack). We had our fuck four times that night and another one in the morning by 7 am we ended the play when the care taker rang the bell for our breakfast. Our two bed rooms had a connecting door and individual doors to the dining hall. I came out of my door and she had slipped through the connecting door and came out through her door so the care taker can’t notice our play.

We spend 15 days until we had a call from our mom that there is only 5 days for Annie to leave. So we spend one more day by making my Bolero a purpose Break down. The 16th day was more wonderful we went in the woods and kept our dresses in the bolero and spend the whole day like Adam and Eve. We sucked fucked and even tried her ass (but we failed her ass was so tight that my tool may get a fracture) .We packed up and rode to kottayam by 4 pm and reached at 9 pm. Mom had prepared a delicious dinner with beef, parottas and kada fry. It was a hot dinner, dad poured us all wine and at the end he and mom had some rum. Mom and dad got booze and they went to bed without caring us we finished our dinner by feeding each other and we entered into the same bed room to continue our 17th day ecstasy. In the morning mom and dad found that we were coming from the same bed room they laughed us that “are you still kids” we didn’t answer and blinked innocently.

That night was a real tragedy that she began to bleed. I asked whether I hurt her. She said that no it is my regular menses period I asked whether she had any problem. I asked whether I could fuck you today. She said that it is ugly to see blood from pussy and so wait for three days. I said that the third day is your flight and how can I satisfy you. She said if it’s not a problem to see blood in your cock then carry on with the play. I said blood is every where in our body and I may think that I had cut you with my knife (cock) then why ugly and shame. She agreed and said that she can manage her pain. So I continued fucking her. The 30thday of her arrival her ticket was confirmed. We rode to Trivandrum Airport, Mom and Dad could not accompany us because of their tight schedule in their duties. We arrived at airport and a surprise waited for us. The flight 30thjune 9am was cancelled and was scheduled on 1st July @ 9.30 pm. We were happy and booked a cottage in Somatheertham resort in Kovalam and arrived there at 10 am. The cottage was isolated and was near the beach. We reached the cottage changed our dress and ran to the beach we had a play in the sea and Annie preferred a sun bath nude. As the beach was isolated we had no problem getting nude.

Annie ordered some lotion through her mobile and was fetched by a female room girl. Annie requested to apply sun lotion to the room girl, she obeyed and asked whether front on back, she said that both, you may have to wait for the other side or I can make a call if you’re busy now. She said that I am for you and I can wait as much time you please. She applied lotion on Annie’s back and massaged her. She waited to Annie turn, but I was impatient to see the beauty waiting. So I asked whether she can apply lotion until Annie turn. She answered “yes, with pleasure sir”. I removed my boxers and lied on my back so my pole was up. She applied lotion all over my body and finally came to the poll she wiped her hand in a towel and caught the poll and began to stroke it. She said in a hissing voice that what a magnificent cock which had not even seen with negroes. She immediately took it in her mouth and began to suck. While sucking she moaned loudly. Annie turned to our side and was watching her blow job.

Annie went hot and turned laid her back and called the room girl to apply lotion on her front. The girl obeyed and started applying lotion from Annie’s shoulders then thighs then stomach and then to her bobs. Finally she wiped her hand in a towel and started to massage her pussy and kissed it deeply. Then she slid her tongue into her slot. Annie went hot and started to squeeze the girl’s bobs. Annie suggested going to the cottage and continuing, the girl accompanied us. As we entered the cottage Annie removed the girls dress and began to suck her bobs, while I sucked Annie’s pussy, then we turned position the girl suck Annie and I fuck the girl from behind then we finished our game and I inserted a Rs500 note into her blouse as tips. She was happy and wished us to have a pleasant night. We asked her to inform the manager not to disturb us unless we make a call for some thing.

We continued our fucking and Annie told me that it was her first fertile night and so sow your seed Stephen. I hugged her and said her that I have planned to settle in Australia with my wife after marriage and you may be my wife in India when we come in lonely vocations. We fucked and fucked until flight and we broke in tears as we parted and we could not even say good bye. She flew to states and after 45 days she had called mom and informed that her period is missing. Mom was much happy and as I entered home from college mom and dad was waiting for me with sweet. They fed me sweet and said congrats to me. I did not understand, they laughed and said that Annie is pregnant to give a junior Stephen. I was shocked and I did not understand how they knew all that happened. Anybody knows mail me and any girls want pregnant also mail me I will help you but in and around kottayam.

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