Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lovly friend have been visiting this site and reading the stories for quite some months. I enjoy reading the wonderful stories submitted by the readers. So i thought of submitting my experience as well that happened 2 months ago.My name is naren (unmarried) and i am a 24 year old chennai guy living in chennai and helping my dad in his business. My physique is a bit muscular and i also have a good personality and looks. My cock is of full 7 inches and 2.5 wide and really turnhard like iron.I lived with my parents & was 21 at the time. My uncle & aunt also lived with us in it. It was a very big house. My parents liked to live in a joint family so we all lived together. I was still a virgin. I always dreamt about sex. My friends & i used to watch a lot of adult movies. But i always wanted to do the real thing. I was even willing to pay for sex but i was too scared to tell my friends. Let me tell you about myself i am 6.01 with a nice built and smart with a lot of sexual desire since i had it for the first time.Until one day i was at home, my parents were at work & my uncle was also at work. It was just my aunt & i. By the way she was only 32. I respected my aunt a lot; i didn't really look at her in any bad way. But that day i was desperate; i couldn't get sex out of my mind. My aunt was about 5'6, slim with long hair. Her breasts were quite big. I just sat in once place & kept observing her doing work in the house.When she finally sat down, we started a conversation. It finally led to marriage & sex. I asked her if it was ok to have sex before marriage. She was quite free and discussed everything with me. At the end of the conversation i told her i wanted to have sex before i got married. I was quite daring & asked her if she would fulfill this dream of mine. She got angry & said she would complain to my parents.Several days passed she didn't tell my parents anything. We were again at home alone one day. She was wearing a saree & was getting ready to go out. I was really horny. I just had to have her today. The saree was really tight on her. She had such a beautiful ass. Her breasts were just too good.I went & locked all the doors. She was surprised & wanted to know why i did this. I told her to follow me and i had to tell her something. I took her to my room & told her to sit on my bed. I knew she felt uncomfortable. She was sitting waiting for me to say something. I knelt in front of her and put my head between her legs. She got angry again & told me to stop it. I didn't & did it again. This time i heard her moan. I slowly moved my hands down & started lifting her saree. My hands went on her legs & then i finally touched her pussy. It wasn't very hairy.I made her stand up & took her clothes out. I was surprised she didn't say anything. I couldn't believe i had my aunt naked in front of my bed. By now my dick was hard. I took her hand and made her touch my dick. I made her lie on the bed. I spread her legs & started licking her pussy. I was fucking her with my tongue.But my dream came true when she said "fuck me" fuck me please". First to see her boobs. It was great and big. That was the first time i had seen her boobs too close. Her nipples were brown and her areoles were big too. I started to take her boobs in my mouth and bit her nipples. She moaned. Then i started to massage one of her boobs with my hand and was biting another boobs with my mouth. Her moans started increasing. Also her nipples started to become hard. I continued this for few munites till she asked me to move to her pussy. So i left her boobs and came to her below area. I removed her panty and saw her pussy.It was a fully shaved. It seems she had shaved it a day or two back. It was pinkish in colour and her cilt was red. I just gave it a kiss imagining it to be her pussy lips. She just had a shiver in her whole body. Then i put my fingures into her pussy. It was wet with her precum. So my fingure went inside easily. Then i left two other fingures to fingure fuck her with three fingures. She started to moan and also started to press her boobs by herself out of sexual instinct. Then i removedmy hands and started to suck her pussy. I was tickling her cilt with my mouth. She could not control herself. The acts of mine had aroused her more and more that she started to beg me to fuck her. So i took my dick to enter it into her pussy. But my dick was bit big for her pussy. She started to wail in pain. I just inserted my kerchief into her mouth so that her wails will not be heard outside. But after few tries, i inserted my dick inside her fully. But i was consious to have a condom to my dick before inserting my dick. At first i was slow. But as time passed i increased the speed of fucking. While fucking her she would have felt some pain in her. So she lifted her hips and spread her legs to make my job easier and also for releaving her from pain. I was also playing with her boobs by squeezing them and pinching her nipples. I was describing her assets to her and also explained how i wanted her from the beginning. At last when we both were in the verge of releasing our cum, we seperated ourselves. We ejected our cum by mastrubating ourselves. We were tired and lied in the same position for few munites. Then we came to 69 position (where my dick was in her mouth and her pussy was in my mouth).We both gave blowjobs simultaneously and released our cum again. Then i said her that i like her ass very much because they were big and i need to play with it. She understood my intention and said that she doesnt want to be fucked from her ass but i can enjoy her ass by pressing it. So she started to kiss me again in my lips and left her tounge into my mouth. She was operating in full speed and was also playing with my dick with one hand. But on the other hand i started to feel her fleshy ass and pressed it hard and pushed it towards me. At last we again were hot and my dick was again hard and thick. She started to keep my dick in her mouth. But i said no and got another condom and started to play with her pussy. I made her hot and wet. Then i inserted my dick into her pussy. This time it was not as hard as it was before. She lifted her ass to let my dick enter into her pussy easily. I caught her bigggg ass to fuck her fastly and easily. I kept fucking her continuously like a wild animal. She kept moaning in pleasure. We must have fucked nearly 7 or 8 times. She told me she didn't have sex for 3 weeks.We continued this for a week everyday. I used to fuck her in different places in the house. Some times the kitchen, her bedroom, sometimes we would just be naked on the floor fucking each other for hours. She even let me fuck her ass once. She still hasn't sucked my dick. Now it’s been a year we have sex on a regular basis. When ever were home alone. We just fuck each other. In fact writing this is made me really horny.Till this day no one knows about this. All girls, aunties or widows of any age can feel free to share their experiences and feeling. If any one from mumbai is most welcome and i expect some thing in return in terms of keeping things confidential. Hope to see you all soon.Call 9826037545 or mail

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