Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sharing milk feed

Sharing milk feed

By: Neeta

Hello, as an avid reader if ISS I came across many situation in which people enjoy. Most of them related to sex. However here is some details about how we enjoyed ourselves. We are three friends from college days. Myself Neeta, Ramya and Jyoti. Very soon after passing our college days we got into jobs and within the same year well three got married. Jyoti to her boy friend and we fell for arranged marriages. So we all are very good and close friends. We meet regularly and have fun.... (now to describe that is a different story altogether). Anyway once we three were having an afternoon party (it’s usually hosted by one of us and we end up on the same bed for intimate talk). We discuss everything like how our husband sare fucking us, how many times, in what way and all that. We really enjoy sharing.

Eventually the inevitable happened and we all three got pregnant within a span of 3-4 months. We were continuing our weekly afternoon sessions. One went like this. Ramya was fondling my boobs and saying....'hey Neeta your boobs are really growing in pregnancy...' and she squeezed my boobs and started fondling them for a long time. Jyoti was complaining that she isn’t getting wet enough during pregnancy. ‘Hey listen I am quite dry these days. Should I go and show to a Doctor...?' We advised her no to and wait for hormonal changes to take effect. I said." Ramya how long you intend to feed yr baby?" “may be a year" said Ramya. Jyoti was bit non commit a but indicated that she would like to feed her baby for at least two years. "Nishit (my husband) was looking forward to some nice milk sucking" I said. 'Rally' said Ramya "my husband is not showing any interest in that....but I am so keen to feed oh how I would love to "Jyoti offered her a solution.” Then why don’t you feed Nishit also. Since he is so keen. He likes yr boobs too. “the husbands have all played with all three of us in terms of kissing and fondling.’Yes, I will love to feed Nishit" said Ramya. This talk then continued till we all delivered.

Just one month after settling down from delivery and taking care of babies, we started comparing notes. While Nishit was the most eager one, Jyoti was the most milking. So we arranged that Nishit should suck Jyoti’s milk too. She had plenty. Very soon in a weeks time all the husbands were sucking room all three of us. We were enjoying very much. We started having weekly 'feed' sessions. Wherein we all used to meet and group ourselves on a large carpet. We the girls would get comfortable with large pillows. The men would squat and keep interchanging their sucking boobs from wife to wife. The greatest fun used to be when two guys (other than hubby) would squeeze boobs and suck one each....making all funny noises. We have no milk now....but 'milking and feeding' programmed are continuing. Let me know your experiences and would you like to share your milk with your friends? P.s. Please invite my hubby for the inauguration program.

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