Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mami ko pregnant kia

Mami ko pregnant kia

By: Zafar

Hi all iss readers. My name is zafar and i live in karachi. Im a regular iss reader and today im sharing my first sex experience of my life which helped me fuck my mami. Im 19 years old and really fond of older ladies and aunties. If any unsatisfied aunty or lady wana be fucked, contact me on
Now i start my story. My mami is a kind of sex goddess on earth. She had a firm round ass with 38 boobs. I always wondered fucking her. She was married to my mamu 2 years ago. It happened 3 months ago when I was at my mamu's house for a week due to absence of my mamu who had gone to lahore to attend his friendz wedding..
As i reached mamu's house, he was about to leave 4 the airport..
He said me good bye and went to airport. As i came in, my mami made tea for me and herself. While having tea, we started having light chit chat. She looked a bit tense, when i asked if everything was alright, she answerd that yes everything is fine.
My mami didnt have a child even after 2 years of her marriage. After having tea, she started cleaning the house. I watched tv in the meantime. When she was sweeping the floor, i had a clear glance of her big boobs which made my tool rock hard. I started watching her boobs but she noticed me and gave a naughty smile n said "buri bat hai, aise nhi karte".. I got a little confused and didnt know what 2 say but she didnt say anything and went 2 kitchen.
At 8pm, she made dinner and we had dinner..All the time she was watching me, but i couldnt get courage to look at her..
She suddenly asked me if i had a girlfriend? I said no.. She said "do u want one?".. I understood what she meant n said yes i would love to have one. She smiled n said you will have one soon. After dinner, we started watching an english movie. She was sitting right next to me..When a kissing scene came, i tried to change the channel, she said no and said you are a grown up now..The kissing scend made my dick rise in my shorts. She noticed it and laughed saying "ye dekh k ye haal hai to age kia hoga?". I said what do u mean?
In answer, she hold my tool, and started kissind me. I too responded positively and our tongues started fighting in each other's mouth. I started pressing her boobs from her kamiz which were soft like cotton. She moaning ohhhh aahhhh zafar maza aaaraha hai.
I took off her kamiz n was surpised to see that she was not wearing a bra. I hold boobs from her back and guided her to her bedroom. I throwed her bed and started sucking her nipple like a hungry baby while squeezing the other. She said aaahhhhh zafar aram se karo. Then i made her sit on the edge of the bed and inserted my whole dick in her mouth. It was like heaven. She was sucking it like a lollypop. After 15 min, i was about to cum but i didnt take my dick out and filled her mouth with my hot lava which she drank all. She then said zafar muje baby chahiye, kia tum muje de sakte ho?I said aj to tuje kutia ki tarah chodun ga. She said ajao. I took off her shalwar and panties. She was having a cleanly shaved pussy. I made her lay on her back and put her legs on my shoulder and brought my dick cap to her pussy and started rubbing her pussy. She was moaning and said, zafar jan ab aur mat tarpao, main marjaonga. I said take it and in one push, i was half in her, she shouted, aaaaahhhh but i didnt stop and in another push, my dick was fully in her pussy. I started humping her slowly then increased my pace. She was making very sexy noices like ohhhh aaaaahhhhh ufffff zafar jan aj apni mami ko pregnant kardo. I said wo to kar k rahunga. After 15 min of romping, i made her in doggy style ane started pumping from behind while squeezing her boobs. After 10 min, she said, im cumming, i was also at my edge and after 1 min, we both cummed together and i filled her deeply with my juice. Then we both rested on ourselves for a while, then we had a bath together in which i again fucked her. She was realy happy.
In the next 1 week, i fucked her atleast 10 times in every corner of her house, even in the kitchen..After 1 month of this incident, i came to know frm my mother that my mami is pregnant. My mamu was very happy, but he doest know that its my piece of art
All folks plz giv ur comments on this story..
Any unsatisfied lady or aunty contact me on

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