Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Fantastic Way To Guys Who Want

Commagic.blogspot.comThis story could be a guide line for all who wanted to fuck his sister. This was a well planned tactic and was a big sucess. Who ever want to fuck his sister, they all can follow this and i am sure this will be the best way to seduce sisters here i starts, this came into my mind from the day when i got the internet connection in my home, the day we got the internet connection i was there in home and i installed yahoo messanger and i did teach my sister to how to use it. And also i created a id for her and i added myself in her freinds list.i gave her the password and i kept it with me as well, one day when i thought about seducing her, this idea came in my mind. I hav created a fake yahoo id and i added this id to my sisters friends list(bcoz i also have her id password). And i started to ping her as a stranger whenever she is available. For the first few days she didnt respond and one day when i made more noice, she noticed and started to reply me. I started to ask her about her self and slowly became good friends. I took nearly 2 weeks to reach inthat state and slowly we started about the real topics.First i asked about her openion about sex and she was really shy to answer it and she said that she will stop chatting with me if i continue with this kind of questions. But slowly i picked up her mind and i asked that we men will feel horny when we meet a sexy girl, what you use to feel when u meet a sexy guy. She didnt answer anything for that but.i was able to feel her mind from her silence. She was really getting horny. From then she started to chat me more open. I asked about her classmates, then the boys in her collages. And one day she said about me her friend who had sex with her classmate. I asked her, hav u never felt to have sex with some anytime. She answered - no.I continued my struggle, but she was more strict. Then i created a story.i , myself introduced her as rajeesh, and i told her that i had sex with my sister rajani many times, and also i told her that i never will come infont of you and want to have sex with you, but for your safety., if u feeel to have sex with anyone, pls dont go to any of your boy friends, bcoz they all will cheat you by saying all this thing to their friends. I know that.. Suddennly she asked me, then what she should, i was stunned from that question and then, i asked her "whether u have any brother"?.. She said, yes, he is in bangalore working as software engineer(i know thats me only).. Mm.. I said "seduce your bother" ..she suddenly asked me "thats really bad right"?,, mm...even my sister said the same thing when she had sex with me first time, but now she is taking more initiative to have sex than me,.. I said her.Again she said that she is haiving a boy friend and why cant she go for him to hav sex, i gave her a lecture about the boy's character and convinced her that its going to spoil you if u go for some other person who is outside from your home. So seduce your brother. Then she said that he is not here right now (i know that, bcoz i am here in bangalore). I enquired her, when he is coming to home, she replyied that he may be coming in another 2 weeks, i asked her, how is his character(i know my character). She explained that he is not that interested in sex and he is very shy infront of girls. I said, then it is very easy..he is not going to tell this to anybody if you ar having secx with him. I know, she is now in full mood.I told her that, i will teach you, how to seduce your brother. There are many ways.. The first one is to start fight with him he is here, then she said that she is not confident about that sucess of this. Then i told her that, one day when only you both are in home, you say your brother that your thigh is painging, and ask him to apply the oil. She was ok with that and said thanks. That time i was laughing myself. And i was waiting for the day to go native and somehow the days passed and i reached in home. I saw my sister, she was jus normal and i doubted that she dropped the plan or not.Next day my mother went to school (she is a teacher) and father was not at home as usual and she didnt go collage, i asked about her that and she said that she is not feeling well. After the lunch, i had the beer which was kept in my room but some how she saw it and came to me. I asked her that dont say this to anybody pls.. Then she said that she wont say this if i will help her. I said that i will help her in any way but i was not remembering about the other things at that time. Then she said that she is feeling so pain in thigh and asked me to massage their. I was smiling in my mind and said ok.I started to massage her legs first and reached at thighs.. Then she said that to make it more faster. I made it and slowly i came near her pussy. She clossed her eyes and didnt do snything. Then i started to massage the lower leg part to make her that i am not intentionally massaging the thigh. Suddenly she stood up and said that i will change the dress and come. I said ok.She came in her maxy and i know that there is nothing inside than that. I started the massaging over that and then she said that it is not confertable doing over the dress, pls massage inside, it was a green signal for me and i put my hand inside dress. Now i can feel the fresh flesh and it was soft and hot. I slowly reached near pussy area and came back to lower legs. It continued for some time which made her angry and she cought my hand and kept over her pussy mound. I acted like i was angry, i asked her what the hell u doing. She said that pls vee(she use to call me like that) nobody is going to know about this. I acted like i am innocent and said that this is not acceptable. But she was clever (i am happy about that) and hugged me. I felt the soft boobs touching on my chest, whole body is facing a new feeling. I was in new heaven.I slowly put my hand on her boobs and played with that for some time. And then i told her to lay on the bed, she did and then i undressed her one by one. The view was supperb (i hav a photgraph of that) and i dont know how many times i byte on her count.she was like a fish, and the fucked her very hard, i tasted all over her body and know part her is not new for me. Her brown pussy, black hairs over that, small count, half finger deep hole (her hole was so tight and it took me 4 days to open that). While going back to bangalore, i said to my mother that really i enjoyed the vacation and all credit goes to my sister and i looked at my sister's face where i can see a lustfull smile. Thanks

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