Sunday, February 1, 2009

Can't buy me love

Commagic.blogspot.comIt all began at the company christmas party. It was held on the 18th of december because that was the evening the company could get the room at a nice local hotel. I had been with the company for 17 years. I was one of the first salesmen jack carter hired when he started carter real estate. We had worked to make it one of the premier real estate companies in the state.Old jack had retired a couple years ago and his son, jack jr., was now the guy on the billboards and in the commercials. He didn't know much about the ins and outs of real estate, but he really didn't have to know too much. Two of the older secretaries and i teamed to keep the ship on an even keel. Jr. Just collected his salary and stayed out of the way.I took home a healthy check, so i didn't concern myself with jackie, as we referred to him around the office. He liked to strut and play the high roller and that was fine with me. At least it was until it got personal.Between the sales staff, the office staff, and all their spouses, we had around 35 or 40 people at the gala. There was a dj and dancing after a very nice meal. I had a couple beers and felt quite relaxed and content. We had experienced a good sales year and my year-end tax statement was going to reflect it. I liked being in that small percentage that really benefited from the last tax cut. As i mingled, i was thinking that maybe i'd even vote republican next time.Janice, my wife of 15 years and the mother of our two kids, was dressed in a short black dress that showed her assets perfectly. She was not a busty woman, but she worked to stay slim and her full b-cups looked pretty impressive with the bra she had stuffed her tits into. Even after all these years, i found her to be the sexiest woman i had ever seen. Maybe that was partly because i loved her totally, but she was still a knockout!Maureen, the only person left with carter re who had joined the company before i, nudged me from my reverie."harry, keep an eye on jackie-boy," she whispered. "he appears to be carrying the torch for janice this evening. He doesn't seem to mind being a pig in front of laura, or his father."Laura was jackie's trophy bride. She was about 35 and very voluptuous. She was his second wife. The first one divorced him when she found out about laura. I looked on the dance floor and saw jackie dancing with janice. He was holding her close and it looked like his hand was dangerously close to her ass.Laura was seated near the band and seemed oblivious to her husband's social gaffe. At least i felt it was a faux pas. Don't paw and maul a guy's wife at the christmas party. At least not too obviously. It seemed to be a difficult rule to follow. Janice was laughing at his jokes and hanging on his every word. I realized she knew the score and was just trying to be sociable. I told myself that, at least.I went over and asked laura to dance and soon we were next to jackie and janice. Janice appeared somewhat flushed and perspiration dotted her forehead.""how's my best employee doing tonight?" jackie asked magnanimously. God, how he loved playing the big kahuna for the ladies, and himself. I was technically self-employed and worked for a commission, but jackie probably had no idea. He wanted everyone to believe he was my boss and benefactor. I saw no reason to correct him or diminish his impression of himself."i am fine, jack," i responded. "this is some shindig you threw tonight!""well, i believe in rewarding all the little people that help me keep the company on top," he smugly responded. "i was just telling janice how i had plans for you with my company, harry."I knew he was throwing the bullshit now. I earned my commissions and probably took home more than jackie. There was no way for me to improve, except to sell more, unless carter re increased my percentage. That, i knew, would be old jack's decision. Besides, i was already getting a better split than anyone else there. I wondered if janice smelled anything. She was a sharp cookie, though we really didn't discuss my work too much. I am one of those guys that likes to forget work when i am off and just enjoy my life."jack, you are so good to harry," laughed laura. I could not tell if she was serious or just laughing at her husband."we certainly appreciate jack's thoughtful treatment of harry, laura," janice graciously stated. "both jack and his father have always been very good to us,"Jack gave a big grin as he swept janice across the floor."i appreciate your patience with that pompous ass!" laura whispered in my ear. "he always wants to be the big shot, but he doesn't quite know how to carry it off. He is so lucky his father was very successful. If it were left solely to him, he would be picking shit with the chickens."I burst into laughter at laura's very accurate observation. I surmised that jackie didn't fool everyone. We had a nice dance and then i led laura back to her seat. Soon i noticed old jack dancing with janice and jackie had the young wife of a new salesman in his arms.A short time later maureen asked me to retrieve her coat. The coatroom was across the hall from the banquet room we were using. Armed with my memory of her coat's color and style, i bravely entered the room full of furs and overcoats. I had forgotten that the folks using the other banquet hall would also leave their coats in that room. There were actually several rows of coats hanging almost to the floor.I was as far into the room as i could get, trying to find the coat i thought maureen had described. I even crawled between two of them trying to find the tell-tale blue scarf in the right sleeve. That was when i heard jackie."janice, you know how you like your life the way it is. You have a beautiful home and will be able to send the kids to the best colleges. I wouldn't want you to lose all of that. I am just suggesting you meet me a few times, discreetly. I know you are attracted to me," he continued. "why not let me take you a few places and show you some things harry never even thought of?"I was livid as i pictured jackie putting a little squeeze on janice. Did that jackass think she believed his bullshit? I peeked between two sleeves and i could just see their torsos and heads.As jackie spoke to janice, he slid his hand into her bodice! She didn't try to remove his hand. I was dizzy and had to hold on to the rack to maintain my balance."jack, i really don't think it would be appropriate," janice answered lowly. "you have a beautiful wife and i am married.""that is why i am so attracted to you, janice. God, you have wonderful tits! I love how hard your nipples get," jackie groaned. "wouldn't you love more of this treatment?""it is the christmas party and i am allowed a little freedom, aren't i?" janice asked. "i really don't think we should meet again, unless with our spouses.""i don't think you are getting what i am telling you, janice!" jackie growled. He appeared to cruelly twist janice's tits as he spoke. "you like harry making big bucks and i am the reason he does. If you want him to keep supporting you in the style to which you have grown accustomed, you will accommodate me!"Janice gasped as he pinched and twisted. He roughly pulled her to him and kissed her hard. To my shame, janice slid a hand over his neck and kissed him back. After what seemed like minutes, they ended the kiss."i thought you would see things my way," jackie chuckled. "i knew you would be one of those bitches that liked it rough. I will be calling you to set something up.""i certainly don't want harry to lose his job," agreed janice. "he would be devastated and the kids are going to be in college in a few years."Jackie laughed again as they left the coatroom. I was emotionally drained. I felt weak and trembled as i tried to gather my thoughts. Janice was far more important to me than a commission, a job, even my home. Would she succumb to jackie's blackmail? What should i do to prevent it? My mind reeled.I heard maureen call my name. I answered that i was in the back and could not find her coat. She came back near where i stood and quickly reached up and pulled her coat off a hangar."are you okay, harry?" she asked. "you look very pale and you are sweating!""i think it may have been the shrimp or the dip," i replied. "i am feeling better now. It was just a temporary thing.""i hope so," maureen nodded. "i hope jackie and janice didn't catch it, too. I saw them leave just as i came into the hallway."I looked her in the eye and cautioned her, "don't jump to conclusions, but thanks for noticing. You are a good friend.""janice has been a wonderful wife, harry. You know that. Don't go off half-cocked," warned maureen."yes, mother," i grinned. "you are right, of course. I am letting you in on a little secret i hope you can keep for a couple weeks.""i am all ears, harry," beamed maureen. She loved gossip and secrets."i strongly doubt i will be working at this company after the new year. I can no longer tolerate that ass, jackie-boy. I have been ignoring him, but he has made that no longer possible. I feel bad for old jack, but junior is not my problem and i will keep it that way. I have had a few verbal offers over the years and i will follow them up tomorrow," i vowed."do me a favor, harry?" maureen asked. "see if your new office has any room for an experienced old broad that knows the business inside out."I gave her a big hug and laughed. She was more loyal to me than she was to jack. Maybe she was more loyal to me than my own wife was!When i returned to the party, janice was waiting for me. She seemed concerned and i wondered if she suspected i knew what she had been doing."where have you been, harry?" she demanded. " i have been looking for you all over.""you didn't look in the stall i was in," i lied. "i had a little trouble with the shrimp or dip, or something. I feel much better now, though.""oh, harry! You should have told me," admonished my wife. "you know you feel better when i take care of you.""you had your hands full taking care of junior, or should i say he had his hands full?" i retorted."harry, are you jealous?" she asked as she arched her brow. "you know you are the only man for me. You especially don't have to worry about some two-bit ladies' man."That really made me feel better, but there was still the matter of his hand squeezing janice's tits. That was a vision i was not going to soon forget. Janice stayed close to me the rest of the evening and i began to enjoy myself. She danced close to me and ran her hands over my chest and neck. I noticed jackie was watching us often.I pulled janice even closer when i felt his eyes on me. I wondered if i was being possessive or if i was trying to make him jealous. Then i realized that was a twisted thought. Janice was my wife and we slept together. Dancing with her should not cause jealousy. Her body was mine to cherish and love, every damn day! Somehow i felt closer than ever to janice, but was quite angry with her at the same time. It is just that a woman has the power to erase a man's wrath with a flutter of her eyes or the closeness of her breasts.Janice sat very close to me as we drove home. Before we arrived, she had my cock out and was stoking it. The little guy really didn't care about motivation. He responded to any female stimulation.By the time we got home janice had worked herself into a frenzy. We barely made it to the bedroom before she had her dress off and was popping her bra clasp. That was when i saw her nipples were unusually red and swollen."wow, janice, what happened to the twin peaks?" i pointed to her nipples as i spoke. "it looks like you had them pulled and twisted pretty good. Anything you care to tell me?"I could tell she had not anticipated her nipples being so red and me being so observant. She looked at herself and then back at me."ohoh! It looks like someone was playing with them, doesn't it?" she teased. "what are you going to do? Leave them alone so somebody else can have all the fun. Or are you going to come over here and reassert your ownership?"I was still annoyed with her letting jackass play with her tits, but there was something in what she said. Did she know me better than i knew myself? I had to have those nipples in my mouth. It was almost as if i were going to suck any memory of any other touch out of them. I tossed janice down and feasted on her tits for several minutes. Finally she begged for mercy."harry, they are yours! I swear they are. Please don't suck them off me! Save some for another day," she pleaded.Then as i pulled back from her swollen tits, she said something that made me so hot i almost lost my load right there."you might want to claim back little pussy the same way. There is no telling who was playing with her tonight!" janice purred.How did she know my buttons so well? I pulled her panties off and dove face first between her legs. She was already very wet and my job was simple. She came within a minute of my oral efforts. I didn't stop there, as i usually do when i eat her. I kept licking her pussy and then sucking on her clit. She came a couple more times. Finally i heard what i had been waiting for."harry, please! Stop!" janice begged. "i don't think i can stand any more. She is all yours. Just fuck her now. Show her who she belongs to, harry!"I climbed up janice's body, licking and nibbling every inch of her. Then i rubbed my swollen cock over her pussy. At first she enjoyed it, but after a minute or so, janice was begging again."please fuck me, harry!" she moaned. "put that big cock of yours in little pussy. She needs it.""but whose pussy is she? I demanded. "what cock owns this little pussy? This cock won't share her with any other cock! Can she live with that?"yes! Yes! She wants to belong to your cock and no other!" janice moaned."i am sorry, but i didn't hear her." i held my cock back as i demanded, "who owns this pussy? What cock has exclusive rights to this little pussy?"Janice practically yelled her answer as my cock head massaged her cunt."you own her!" she cried. "that pussy belongs to you and your cock. She won't take any other cocks. Only yours. Now, for the love of god, fuck her!"I slammed my shaft ball deep before janice finished her plea. I never felt her so wet or hot. By the second stroke, her cunt spasmed on my cock and she was cumming! I kept hammering away as janice moaned and groaned with every stroke. I don't think she ever actually stopped cumming. In just a few minutes, i deployed my troops. My throbbing set janice off one final time and she went stiff and raised her hips up to me. I held her there as i drained every soldier into her steaming slit."jesus!" she muttered after a few minutes. "you fucked the shit out of me! Did thinking about someone else being with me get you that hot?"I thought for a few seconds before i replied, "i guess it did, as long as it is a little game we play. I would not follow anyone, knowingly, into that little pussy. You are a dream come true for me, and sometimes it is a wet dream. Still, i feel that you are mine and i am yours. That pussy is not yours to give away. Neither is my cock completely mine. I will walk into hell for you as long as i know you love me and are faithful to me.""sweetheart," janice cried. "that is all any woman can ask from her man! I am yours, body and soul. Never doubt it!""then how did your nipples get to be so red and swollen," i asked."darling, it was a christmas party. Didn't i see your copping some feels from andy's wife?" asked janice."damn! You saw that?" i laughed. "i thought i was pretty sneaky.""andy saw it, too. He insisted a measure of revenge by feeling my tits and ass during a dance," janice chuckled. "you missed a few things, big boy.""i didn't miss little jack feeling your ass while you danced, and you allowing him," i shot back."honey, i don't believe you should refer to him as "little" jack. While he felt my ass, he demonstrated remarkable size and firmness," janice goaded.I almost felt like swatting her, but my cock was hard again. I rolled her over and lifted her ass off the bed. Janice caught my intention and held her ass up for me. Soon she was moaning again as i held her hips and drove my cock into her. I was amazed that i didn't last long again as i emptied my balls into my wife."you are some jealous, horny bastard," laughed janice after she caught her breath. "i'm glad the kids are at my mom's tonight. They would be calling the cops after hearing me moan and scream like that!"We drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. As i lay there, i thought how remarkable it was that a woman like janice found anything about me to love. I squeezed her tits as i thought about jack feeling her a few hours before. It angered me that janice allowed it, and that he felt he could do it. Yet janice seemed to be devoted and faithful to me. You are allowed to get a little risqué at a christmas party. I was no angel in that regard. Still, i had to sort out my thoughts and keep a close eye on things. By noon the following day i had reached an agreement with another real estate company in the area. It was a sunday but real estate people work a lot of weekends. The owner of the company was glad to make an appointment when i explained why i had called. The commission split was very generous, but i would have to bring my clients with me. I felt confident that i could sell to, and for, enough of them to keep my income about where it had been.It was quite flattering to have another professional actively work to hire me. The company knew i had built up a following over the past 17 years and they were willing to compensate me accordingly. I asked if i could start on january 1 and he agreed. I also asked that the entire thing be kept under wraps until i broke it to jack. In my business, there is no two-week notice. If you are going to work for a different company, they can't get your ass out the door fast enough! Your company computer, files, floppies and discs all stay.I felt relieved as i looked forward to the new year. I had grown increasingly irritated by jack's pompous behavior. His attempt to score with janice simply freed me from any obligation i may have felt. I also had a nice closing coming up between christmas and new year and i wanted to be certain i received my check for it. The best way to insure that was to not let anyone know i was leaving. I made a mental note to be sure maureen didn't let the cat out of the bag. I knew i could depend on her.I took the rest of the day off and watched some football. The following day i was in the office bright and early. I didn't want to miss any business or any shenanigans jack may pull. I spoke to maureen about keeping my plans on the qt.Around 11 am jack asked me to come into his office. I was surprised he was in that early. Noon was usually a goal he shot for and only seldom made."i have signed you and ray jensen for a seminar in dallas next week, harry. I know it is short notice, but it is supposed to be by the very best there is at closing deals," apologized the miserable bastard. "i will arrange your flight for wednesday, the 29th and you will be back on thursday night, in plenty of time for new years!""gee, jack. I don't know what to say," i stalled. "i suppose i could ask janice if she wants to take a little trip."Did jack seem flustered, or was it my imagination? He looked down quickly and thought of something."because of the holidays, there was only one room available, so you and ray will be bunking together. You will have separate beds, though" he laughed.Jack had never shown any desire to pay for any type of extra education. He even resisted advertising to any extent. I smelled a rat."sure, jack. I'll go," i told him. "i can always use any trick to help close a deal.""great!" jack said with more than a little relief. "i'll set everything up. All you have to do is show up at the airport. I'll get someone to drive you, if you like!"I knew the prick was up to something! He was way to accommodating and helpful. I knew he was spending all this money and time just to get into my wife's pants. I also knew one of us would be dead before that happened!It was christmas week, which was always slow for our line of work. I pretty much let everyone in the office know i was going to be out of the office, looking for leads and preparing for the holiday. I first took the time to firm up my final closing with carter re. It was scheduled for tuesday, the day before jack was flying me out of town. The timing couldn't have been better. Pigs would fly before i would. I had no intention of leaving, or of allowing that miserable fuck time to pursue my wife.I made sure i kept track of janice. It wasn't that i didn't trust her, but there was no sense being stupid. She was the hunter's quarry and i was determined she not get snagged, or shagged! Janice was a high school teacher and would start her break on thursday. I felt she was safe while she was at work.I actually took time to get her more gifts, and better ones, than i ever had before. It irked me that i felt like i was competing with jack for her affection. It was like dating again. It also made me more considerate of janice. I tried very hard to get her a few things she would like. Maybe it was good to know a guy wanted to get in your wife's pants. It made me much more sensitive to her needs and desires. It also made me realize i would do some crazy shit if it ever happened!We had a wonderful christmas. The kids were happy with their gifts. When janice opened the little box with the pearl necklace i bought for her, i thought she would cry! She rushed into my arms and hugged and kissed me for the rest of the morning. I felt great and decided i would always be sure to get her something special.We visited janice's parents the next day and went with them to a local theater presentation. The following day we visited my parents and watched a couple movies and had a few drinks with my siblings and their families.Every night the sex was great. I had an actual hunger for my wife i had not experienced since we had first been married. Janice commented a few times about my increased libido, but offered no complaints.On monday i told her jack was sending ray jensen and me to dallas for some seminar. I noticed she did not appear very surprised. That started my head spinning. Had i missed something? We had been together the entire holiday. Then it occurred to me that i take a 40 minute walk every night to keep my weight down. Sales is not an easy field in which to stay slim. She could have talked to jack then."you waited long enough to tell me, didn't you?" janice bitched. "i have the week off and i thought we could do a few things together.""i want that, too. It is just that jack was willing to spend the bucks to send me. I would take you but there was only one room available and ray jensen will be sharing it with me," i reasoned. "we will have separate beds, though.""wow! What a relief that is. I was afraid you would come back a switch-hitter or a shit-packer!" janice growled. I could see she was not pleased.That night i went out for my walk, but circled back around to the back door and let myself in quietly. Janice was making dinner and the kids were watching tv. I sneaked up the stairs and sat down on my bed. Then i waited with the phone in my hand and my finger on the button. That way it would ring, but i could listen in without making any noise, i hoped.It took about ten minutes, but the phone rang. It was that cock sucking jack!"so janice, are you all set for wednesday night?" he asked. Did you get rid of the kids?"I was ready to turn into the incredible hulk! My blood vessels were bulging and my heart was racing."my mother will take them for the night," janice replied. "jack, are you sure about this? Harry has been your top producer for years. Laura is a lovely woman, and she is your wife. You could hurt them both.""after feeling those tits of yours, i am certain! Harry will never find out if you play your cards right. Laura won't either. Don't get second thoughts or harry will be out on his ass and your life style will take a real nosedive. Just think of it as the act of a devoted wife, trying to further her husband's career," he laughed.I wondered if the throbbing in my temples could be heard on the phone? I wanted to kill that miserable shit! Janice didn't make me too happy, either."the door will be unlocked and the upstairs will be dark," janice answered with instructions for the bastard. " climb the stairs and the bedroom is at the top. I will be waiting for you at eight. Don't be early, or late.""you little slut!" laughed jack. "i can't wait to tag harry's piece of ass. If i like it, i'll send him on trips more often.""you expect to do this more than once?" gasped janice. "i thought one time would be enough.""you'll want more of my cock than you can get in one night, you little wife slut. I'll be fucking you for years. You will be addicted to my cock, bitch!" the gloating prick chuckled. "i'll be there at eight."Jack hung up the phone and then i heard janice put hers down. I slammed the receiver i had in my hand. I came close to going downstairs and shoving janice around. I had never hurt her in my life and i knew i couldn't start now. It was just a rage i felt. I did hurry down the stairs and slip out the door. I never felt more like walking alone in the dark night.Janice should know my position at carter re was not worth her selling herself. Was it something she wanted? Did she like the son-of-a-bitch? Was i not satisfying her in bed, and in life? I decided that even if i had not been the perfect husband, i did not deserve this. She should come to me if there was a problem. She surely should have told me about what jack was trying to do.I decided that desperate times required desperate measures. I made my plans and wondered if i would be a free man by thursday morning. Of one thing i was certain; that prick was not going to have my wife!Janice was subdued that night and we spoke little. That suited my mood very well. The next day i went to my last closing for carter re and picked up my check afterwards. Eight thousand bucks was a decent severance, i decided. I was home early and janice was much warmer to me. She seemed happy as she hummed and sang while she prepared the family dinner. I didn't like her upbeat mood.That night in bed i tried to be cool and reserved. My cock had its own agenda, however. Soon janice was riding me like a cowgirl. She came a couple times before i exploded into her. I hated myself for my weakness. I held her close with her hair under my nose and fell asleep.The next morning, janice helped me pack an overnight bag for my trip. I had trouble speaking to her as i prepared to leave. I gave her a kiss and she told me she loved me as the car pulled up to take me to the airport. I realized i loved her so much it hurt.I gave her another kiss and whispered to her, "pussy needs to be patient and i will be back taking care of her in no time. She is mine and i love her, and i love you!"I rode to the airport with ray. He was excited about the trip and i made an effort to not let him know anything was amiss. When we got out of the car and went to security, i stopped him."ray, have a great time. I can't go. I can't explain now, but please don't tell anyone i am not on the plane. Especially don't tell jack! He would fire me on the spot," i reasoned. "just keep it quiet till you get back, okay?"Ray was a good guy, if somewhat confused. He nodded, we shook hands, and i went out and hailed a taxi. I called maureen from my cell and asked her if jack was in, she told me he was. I had her print a note and slide it under jack's door when he was out of the room. I told her i would explain everything the next day. Maureen knew something was up and promised to follow my instructions precisely."i want you to write this," i dictated. "please come exactly at eight-thirty. Family will be here until then."She repeated it and i hung up the phone. It was just noon so i had the taxi drop me off at a small restaurant. I had lunch and walked around a nearby mall for a few hours. It seemed like the longest day of my life. Finally at seven, i got another taxi to drop me off a few blocks from home. From across the street and down the road, i saw janice's parents load my kids up and whisk them off to their place. The street was quiet and around 7:45 my house went dark.I walked up my own steps as nervous as i had ever been. At exactly eight, i opened the door and made my way to the stairs. A single nightlight showed the way. At the top of the stairs i took a deep breath and stepped in. I could hear her breathing on the bed.I was as angry as i had ever been and more aroused than i thought i could ever be. I quickly removed my clothes and approached the bed. I heard janice's breathing stop for a second. Then she began taking short, rapid breaths.I had decided i was going to show her who owned her pussy, once and for all. I found her feet and slid my face along her legs. When i came to her pussy, i started devouring it. I mean i ate it like i never ate pussy before. I sucked her clit and pushed my tongue deep inside her. I reamed her ass and fingered her at the same time. She was groaning and bucking more than i ever remembered. I thought to myself how she believed it was jack giving her the lip service and that was why she was so incredibly hot. I don't know how long i fed on her but she was trembling and trying to push my face away before i finally stopped. Then i moved up and rubbed my raging hard on against her pussy. It was dripping wet and i could feel the heat leaking from it!I drove my cock in and marveled at the tightness. She bucked and moaned some more as i fucked her like a man should fuck a woman to demonstrate to her that she belongs to him. I refused to cum. I just pistoned in and out of her as hard as i could. Then i rolled her over and took her from behind. I lifted her ass up and drove my cock back into her pussy. I held her hips and plunged harder than i ever had. She was making strange noises as i slammed into her. My anger was real and this was as rough as i ever had been, or ever would be to my loving wife.I lost track of time and space. There was nothing but the pussy i had to fuck into submission. I was sweating like a butcher as i pounded her ass. Just as i felt my balls begin boil, the light came on. I never missed a stroke as i turned my head a few degrees to look into jack carter's bugging eyes.I laughed loudly as i started shooting my pent up sperm into janice's box. I held her as to me as i strained to empty every drop into her, as deeply as my cock would allow."surprised i got here first, you miserable piece of shit! This is one wife you won't be fucking!" i declared. "i don't think she has another fuck in her. Do you janice?"I turned back to janice. Her hair was blonde and her ass was wider than i had ever noticed. Confused, i rolled her over onto her back. It was laura carter!"actually, your wife does have another fuck in her," i heard from behind jack. "i would be goddamn surprised if you did, though!"Janice was standing in the doorway, behind jack. My head swung from her to laura and back to her."what the fuck?" was all i could muster."you fucked my wife, you bastard!" yelled jack. "i am firing you and i think i'll kick your ass!"Jack raised his hands into fists and i jumped up to meet him. I had another total shock! My brother ben, who was a mason and weighed around 240 lbs and was way over six feet stepped into the room. He grabbed jack by the collar and took off with him. I heard jack thump all the way down.Then the door opened and ben yelled, "don't ever bring your sorry ass around here or i'll kick it across the street!"I sat down on the bed next to laura. I actually looked at her for the first time. She was an attractive woman and her tits were superb. She was a little heavy for my tastes, but few men would toss her out of bed.She seemed to be regaining her composure."sweet jesus! I have never been fucked like that!" she groaned. "i knew it couldn't be jack. You were unbelievable!""and you won't be fucked like that again!" janice cut in. "if i had known harry planned on breaking up the dance, i would have been in that bed and my pussy would be throbbing now!""i don't understand what is going on here," i croaked. "i thought it was you waiting for jack. I would never have been unfaithful to you, janice.""you are so lucky i was the idiot that suggested laura wait in our bed, lover boy. You just got a free fuck with no penalty!" janice grinned. "i knew you were in the coatroom that night, you big dummy! I maneuvered jack in there so you would know what he was up to. I wanted to see what you would do. That fucking job doesn't mean shit to me. I know you can get a better one anytime. You are the best!"Janice continued, "when it actually looked like you were going to allow that bastard to come here and fuck me, i told laura. She knows jack plays around and we thought this would be a way to catch him in the act. I guess i underestimated you, though! I didn't suspect you were up here banging laura until i heard jack come in. By the time he flicked the switch on, i knew you had a plan of your own. I did begin to wonder when laura moaned nonstop for the entire half hour. I had ben here in case jack got out of hand.""i know you could have handled the guy, bro, but i figured you had to be exhausted. You fucked this girl like there was no tomorrow. Look at the sweat still dripping from you!" ben added from the doorway.Janice helped laura dress while i grabbed a robe and joined ben in the kitchen. I never had a better beer or appreciated my little brother any more! He just grinned as he told me how he and janice were amazed at the sounds coming from the bedroom. Then as they were ready to sneak up the stairs and surprise jack, they heard the front door open and they hid again."janice was real suspicious by then," ben laughed. "she ran for the stairs muttering something about how she thought it sounded like it was you fucking up there! We got there as the lights came on. You were like a man possessed. You never even noticed janice as you told jack that she was one wife he wouldn't fuck. That was a great touch!"Ben got me laughing. The way he told the story, it sounded like a marx brother's movie. I still worried about how janice would take the whole thing and what trouble laura would be in.Laura and janice appeared in the doorway."i just wanted to tell you not to worry about me," laura smiled. "jack can't afford to get too outraged. He still has to explain why he was here. I have a good excuse. Harry, i will never forget you, i promise. Thanks."She gave me a quick kiss walked to the door with janice. Ben laughed, wished me luck, and headed home. Janice walked back in and sat on my lap. I took her into my arms and tried to apologize."hush, husband," she whispered. "you have nothing to apologize for. You were protecting your home and family. I am quite proud of you. I only worry that laura will tell other women what a fantastic lover you are and i will have to watch you every minute. Did you really think it was me you were fucking? Her tits are a lot bigger. So is her ass, isn't it?

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