Sunday, February 1, 2009

I flick it and suck

Commagic.blogspot.comWhile i'm no spring chicken i was 10 years younger than lupe when we met. I was 42 years old and she was 52 years old. I was doing some side work for a friend of mine when he called and asked me if i was free wednesday afternoon to do a repair for him. I told him sure and got the address. I went to the "other side of town" and met lupe. He a.c. had stopped working and she was hot literally. It was the middle of august in sunny calif. I asked where her unit was and she smiled then said, oh the a.c. unit! I said yes and she led me to the side yard.About one hour later i informed her that her condenser was going out and that the starter was struggling as the unit was very old. She looked down at the ground and said she didn't "have no money". But she really needed the a.c. for her grand kids. She then said: "is there anything you can do to help me out right now?” I said well, i can maybe by pas the starter and it's relay then her a.c. would always be on. She says, "will that cool down the house?" i tell her yes it will but it will be expensive, as it will not cycle on & off when it gets cool. She then says: "how much will that be?” I ask her what she can afford? Again with the no money! I look her over and say: "maybe we can make a deal!" "what kind of deal do you mean?" i tell her i will do the work to get her unit running but she has to give up her booty! She looks at me shocked and says, "you want some of this old mexican pussy vato!" i tell her yes i do! She says deal.I get to work on her unit and get it working and then go to the front do to ask her to let me check it. I can already feel it getting cooler. I then tell her: "i'm going to put my tools away then come back for payment!” She smiles and says: "ill be ready!" 20 minutes later i let myself in to the house and find her in the back room. She is sitting on her bed wearing a black bra and black satin panties. She has just showered and tells me to take a shower also. I do and come out swinging. I'm hard as a rock and walk over to her and stand right in front of her she grabs my cock and says something like: "nice cock!" she proceeds to start licking and sucking the head. She starts to work my balls over also. In the mean time i work her huge tits out of her black satin bra. She has dark brown large nipples are evidentially very sensitive! I then push her back onto the bed and get between her legs. I look down and see a small wet spot in her black satin panties. I reach up and grab then and the waistband and removed them to find a huge hairy pussy. I then spread her legs and get down to some serious licking! I get her going pretty good and notice that she has a large clit that is very pronounced! I flick it and suck it when she starts to cum. I work it a little more then she pushes my head away and says, let me suck your big white boy cock some more. I lay back onto my back and she goes to town. As i feel a nut starting to brew i push her head away and start to french kiss her. She tells me that she loves the taste of her own pussy and that her husband won’t eat her pussy then kiss her. Husband!! Where is he and is going to be home soon!! She tells me, "don't worry, he won't be home for two more years!!" we french kiss some more when she climbs on top of me and slides down onto my hard cock. She moans and closes her eyes while sliding down on it. She then starts to ride me up and down moaning all of the while. This goes on for about 10 minutes when i flip her onto her back and start to penetrate her in the missionary position. I can see that her nipples are very erect and that she is actually panting. Within in a minute or two she tells me to pull out. I do as she asks and watch as she squirts right on my cock as she cums ... What a trip. I have never seen that before. I look down at her face again ands she is speaking spanish with a huge smile on her face. I plunge back into her pussy and start to fuck the shit out of her. I then pull out and tell her to roll over on to her hands and knees. She does this and i tell her to lay her head down on to the mattress and pull her ass checks apart. She does and i see the most hairy asshole i have ever seen - with a hogged out crinkly asshole! I start to fuck her doggy style while i play with her asshole. I sink a thumb into her asshole and she moans out loud - very out loud!!I pull my cock out and start to slide it into her asshole. She reaches back and pulls her cheeks further apart and grunts as i get the head of my cock past her anal ring. With that i sink all of the way into her bowels. I proceed to fuck the shit out of her asshole for the next ten minutes. I feel my load start to boil and then i can't hold back any longer. I unload my whole load into her bowels. I am telling her that i cumming and she is grunting like she is lifting a huge load. I pull out and lay down next to her and damn near collapse. She lays down on her belly and tells me that her sister is right, white boys can fuck - maybe better than vatos!I have been keeping that old a.c. unit alive for 5 years now, and have been fucking lupe and now her sister martha the whole time. I can't get them to join me together, but they do watch one another get fucked. Martha won't let me near her ass as she has bad hemorrhoids. But she can suck start an oil well. Next, i'm going after lupe's daughter angel who is a ssbbw with a great face.

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