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Ayesha and Accounting class

Ayesha and Accounting class

By: noman

well dear readers, this is my first story which i am posting online for all of you to have a go through. i am not an expert in writing stories like i have seen and gone through of others here. But still i would give it a go. Now coming to main point, this story which is real not a fantasy which happened during my bachelors study in university located in naval area. So as i was one of rich,intelligent and reserved student so i had always gatherings of people around me for studies and roaming around.

So coming back to main subject Ayesha; she was my colleague and had group of 5 girls and 4 boys; by making her alone in company of couple. so once in Business communication class, our lecturer gave us assignment to visit different banks and check how communication is managed and done there by bank officials. so luckily Ayesha and i got in 1 group as group were comprised of 2 individuals.

This was first time i had conversation with her. As she asked me to meet her after class finishes in Library for future layout and step. we met there with no other intention except studies in our mind. so we decided to visit next day to couple of national, foreign and nationalized banks together. So we agreed to meet at certain point being decided. so after exchanging our cell numbers we left to our homes. In the evening that day, i received a call from her; in which she told me that her car would not be available so it would be better if i can pick her from her residence if it does not give me any trouble. i just told her it is ok. so next day we decided that i would reach her home at 9AM to start work.

i got dressed in morning and at 8:50AM i reached her home and rang the bell. her Security guard came out and i told him to let her know that i am here. He escorted me inside as she was bit late to get dressed. So i came inside her home after parking car in garage. it didnt took me more than 15 minutes when i heard her coming with some apple juice and snacks. I got shocked to see her in white shalwar kameez ; as it was evident that she just had a shower shortly before coming here. I thanked and we had little bit together of snacks. Anyways her body was so mesmerizing and it made me lost in her that she said hey hello where are you lost. I replied well should we go now.She said ok. And we both left. we surveyed different places; had conversation with different personnel.

At 3PM we got tired and while returning she got call from her parents that they are leaving to village for some marriage in which there participation is mandatory; so she has to stay alone for couple of days. She got bit sad but was satisfied as we had to submit the assignment within 2 days and it was carrying 20% of our 100% marks in total.

So when we reached her home, she offered me to come inside and have lunch together as she was alone. Also needed to discuss about what to do and how it has to be done.

I sat down on sofa and then she said she would be back after getting freshening up. i saw her from back as her kameez was bit stuck in her butts which were making it more sexier and i wanted to go from back and press them but could not do it as was scared and didnt had courage as well. so i kept quiet but after little while my inner devil convinced me to have a go; so i slowly walked towards her room with bare feet not to make a noise; but only after closing all windows and locking door for any un expected event.

Her room was on the corner so when i reached there; i saw door open; i peeped through gap and saw her clothes which she was wearing when we were outside on bed as well as some new ones hanged on hanger. I could also hear shower which made me excited so i creeped in her room and started taking my clothes off and took condomn out of my pocket and after fitting; poured some oil for easiness. And i entered the bathroom. i Saw her rubbing her pussy with her fingers as hot water was coming from top. so as i jumped in and pushed her suddenly towards tile walls with her back on front me. She shouted that Who is this. So when she came to know that it is me; she said what the hell you are doing here. Dont you have any manners. etc etc

She used all the power she had to get rid of me; but could not succeeded. i just said i was here for studying and this is also part of it so lets do it otherwise it wont be fair. But she objected; shouted screamed but in vain as i had done all arrangements before coming in her room. so i grabbed her buttocks from behind; pressed them with my hands and started to kiss on her face by holding her hairs. her lovely brown long hairs were coming on my face which i was pushing back making scene look more sexier. She moaned a little and said please dont do this; what if anyone knows this is wrong; please forgive me i will give you what ever you want; but not this.

But i didnt listened to her. I pushed her on floor and sat on her. grabbed her hands and applied my feet to keep her in still position and started feeling her boobs which were bigger than expected. i started pressing them like female making roti with flour. it was so awesome man her mammay are biggest i should say and softest too with whitish complextion. So she then said that please be gentle and stop using force i will cooperate so then i kissed on her lips for first time and said that Thats like a good girl.

Now i started kissing her. She started giving me response too as then we had french kiss going on with my tongue and her tongue were licking each other. It was so cool feeling that we did thatfor 10 minutes. then I leaned back and brought her boobs in front and started sucking left one while massaging other one with my hands. she held back and held the shower rod till i got finished with her right boob as well. her moaning was so coool. That it was like she was screaming aaaaaaaaahhh yessssssss more more keep sucking me ahh baby it feels nice come on suck me drink the milk all i have ah yeah.

so after 20 minutes of boobs sucking i told her that its my time to enjoy. She didnt understood that. i leaned her back and made her sit while i stood before her with my cock in front of her face. She understood my intention and held it and started massaging with her soft hands. man it was like i was on 10th Sky flying. mmmmmmmm cannt tell what was the feelng. anywsays then i stopped her and asked her to open mouth so that my dick can travel in her mouth as well which she did after hesitation but then later on gave me best blowjob even better than what prostitutes gave you guys.

She was just sucking in and out first slowly and then increased her pace which made me excited and then i asked her to leave it as it was time for me to go for the final kill. I moved her facing me and placed cock in front of her hole and gave a thrush; she yelled like a loiness but held me firmly to enjoy as i had told her that it would give her pain at first but then later on it would be pleasure. So it tore her hymen and went in all the way as i used all power to guide it maximum in.

She was shouting ahhhhhhhhh amiiii maar geiiii please do slow but i increased pace and then later on she moved back and forth to make a motion as i was moving back and forth too. so we both cam after some time and i fell on her. She kissed me and said this was best shower she had her in life. I said she can have as much as she wants. so we got dressed and went in room but we had arms in arms of each other and even i carried her to kitchen where i put her down and she made food while i saw her from back i went quickly as my cock got erected again and pulled her shalwar down; she said no not now; but i insisted and she putted tray at side. I moved her opposite to me as her back was facing me. I this time didnt put any condomn on and put my cock from behind and pushed it slowly in. She screamed and yelled to be gentle but i didnt listened and cared.

i kept roaming in and out with full pressure. As now i was holding her boobs in my both hands and she was sitting as in doggy style and i was fucking her from behind. she moved back with every thurst as she was after earlier pain started enjoying her first sex. SHe kissed me back. then after 10 minutes i told her to back off as i was going to cum and she sat back and i cam all over her face boobs and chest. which she rubbed with her fingers on her whole body and even swallowed some.

we then later on fucked in so many different styles and different places. We kept doing that till her parents came. We even do it nowdays but not in her home; sometime in my village home, some time hotel. I even fucked her sister, cousin, friend which i will let you know in my next story. i know this was not that much absorbing but i tried my best. Furthermore. this was real not a fantasy so could not made much words. So any female want to have relation or enjoy herself as shez bored can contact me on

Take care all of you buddies and Adios Amigos

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