Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our nipples were erect

Commagic.blogspot.comFriday, october 31st at precisely 6 pm, our doorbell rang. “trick or treat,” demanded our first halloween revelers. I thought the two young women, dressed in dark trench coats were a little old for this but when the russian sounding blond spoke, “thank you, laura,” i realized it was duty nurse jennifer and she’d brought an assistant along. I ushered the two upstairs, noting their white stockings as they reached the second floor.When doug spun around in his chair to greet them, “oh, the pair of you came!” Just before he bit his bottom lip anxiously. After we took their coats and seated them by the windows overlooking the marsh, i asked them if they’d like some local sparkling apple cider. As i uncorked the 24% alcohol hard cider i was really serving them, doug whispered: “i don’t know about these two here together. For some reason the two of them started acting all kinky at the way i reacted when they ripped my chest drains out a couple of days after my surgery. I guess the way i mugged for them must have turned them on for some strange reason.”I told the nurses that louise was bringing home takeout from the chicken chalet and asked what they’d prefer. Less than twenty minutes later louise had supper on the table and i was refilling their glasses with that potent sparkling cider. I topped up everyone’s glasses after opening the second bottle while doug and louise cleared the table. Since i never expected jennifer to call my bluff and actually show up for an interview, i rashly calculated getting them drunk enough to accept our threesome lifestyle.They both appeared quite business like, wearing dark and rather drab high collared dresses as jennifer opened her big valise, hauled out a file folder and opened it to show a multi page questionnaire. Cornered, we had no choice but to come clean and the three of us started babbling away about all our insane sexual extravagances.I told jennifer about doug being uninterested in me and how louise entered into my life. Louise jabbered on to brenda, the other nurse, about our affair and our year together at her bed and breakfast inn up in quebec while doug just sat there taking everything in. Jennifer jotted down remarks and asked many questions about doug’s cardio rehab program, his improved health and unforeseen complications of his bypass surgery.When she reached down into her bag for a clipboard and pen for me to use, that’s when i noticed the box of latex gloves! My mind raced through all kinds of scenarios like, “holy crap is jennifer just calling my bluff or are they really going to physically examine us?” Underneath the gloves, i saw a blood pressure gauge and relaxed a little realizing they were just going to check out doug.Sure enough, after we finished our questionnaires jennifer pulled on a pair of gloves then slipped the sleeve up doug’s arm and recorded his blood pressure and heart rate. Much relieved, i timidly asked if there was much more to the examination.“oh yes,” brenda explained, “we’re checking doug’s body mass index, his medications and we’ll do an ekg on him during his stress tests.”Jennifer continued, “i saw an exercise bicycle downstairs so that will do perfectly for his physical evaluation.”In my exercise parlor brenda shaved some spots on my husband’s chest then jennifer affixed the electrode stickers and wired up the portable ekg she’d brought as well. Doug mounted my exercise bike then pedaled continuously for about twenty minutes, at which time brenda gathered up the ekg tape. As my husband cooled down brenda checked his blood pressure several times while jennifer examined doug’s readout. After a few moments when doug dismounted, he knocked the seat cover off my exercise bike exposing its special features. “oh shit, the stupid ass is going to show them how it works,” i stewed!“this is my second refit on laura’s exerciser and i’m proud to say it works exceptionally well this time,” exited from his lips then he continued: “as you can see, i’ve mounted a rear window wiper motor from a minivan on the backside of the seat mount. I attached its arm onto laura’s dildo inside this sleeve that hangs down under the seat. She simply adjusts its speed and time duration with the pulse wiper stalk here on the handlebars.”His hand reached out, flicked the lever and there was simply no place for me to hide! Horrified with embarrassment, i watched my sinister dildo pop its ugly head out through the hole in the seat, rise up eight inches then drop down again. The nurse’s eyes shot back and forth to each other then back to the seat as my lunatic husband sped his invention up to top speed.“very impressive, douglas,” jennifer complimented but thank goodness neither of them made eye contact with me as doug pushed open the side door to show off the swimming pool next to our unit.As doug escorted the nurses on a tour of our building’s fitness facility and common room upstairs, i was relatively relaxed in knowing that my husband’s stress test was fine. So i sat down on the edge of the hot tub and looked out through the windows at the marsh. Eventually he brought them back downstairs then back toward the exit door.“do you use the hot tub often?” Jennifer asked me and then sat beside me.As we watched a small flock of canada geese do a flyby, i cleared my throat and began the following little oration: “this used to be my favorite place in the world and this jacuzzi jet right back down between us used to be my favorite pastime in the world. I nearly lost him right here two and a half years ago. I’d been kneeling on my special seat right behind us, looking out as we are doing now and was letting my special jet down there, pummel my pussy senseless. Doug got out of the pool shivering, so i got him in there to warm him up. I pulled his trunks down and showed him how he could enjoy the jets as well. I held his shriveled little penis in that jet’s pulsing stream but it wouldn’t harden up. The next thing i knew, i was dragging him out of the hot tub and doing cpr on him over by the door until the paramedics came in their ambulance! So i suppose it’s appropriate to finish off where all our troubles began.”Just then doug finished off his tour and ushered everyone back through the doors into our unit. As we all walked back through my private exercise room, the nurses eyeballed my bike once more. As the nurses gathered up their equipment, i asked if they were going to a halloween party next. To which jennifer replied, “oh not yet laura, complete your husband’s psychological stress evaluation up in your bedroom now.”As doug obligingly led his nurses up the second flight of stairs, i figured he’d have to be lying down or something for the rest of the stress test. When i looked up at the little parade, i couldn’t help but wonder why both nurses were wearing white high heels this time of year and sheer white nylon stockings with what looked like garter belt straps running up the backs of their legs. When they reached the top floor, jennifer looked around then instructed brenda to set up in our bigger bedroom. With doug’s shirt off and the blood pressure monitor, ekg and even a defibrillator all set up, the nurses clipped all the electrode leads back on and had him kneel against the foot of our bed.“so louise, take off your slacks and panties and go kneel in front of doug on the bed,” jennifer ordered.“and you laura, if i remember correctly what you described during our phone conversation, need to be naked with your legs spread apart and laying back toward the head of the bed,” that little martinet continued.“i think not!” I objected, to which she replied, “you people brought this all upon yourselves so we must re-enact everything the bunch of you did to one another three nights ago for your husband’s sake!”“where are the estrogen cream and the disgusting condom, douglas?” Nasty nurse jennifer continued.After he pointed over to the nightstand drawers, nurse brenda dragged out all our implements of torture and pleasure and ordered us to begin.“what’s the matter with you douglas?” Jennifer asked as she looked at his limp penis.“performance anxiety maybe,” he returned.“you have four sexy women here in your bedroom and you can’t get it up?” Brenda queried.As louise began to fiddle around with my clit ring, she pointed out, “he likes to watch women make out.”“so watching you two go at it isn’t enough then,” jennifer grumbled at doug.“he’s probably intimidated by you two nasty nurses,” i suggested.Brenda and jennifer exchanged glances back and forth, searching for a solution. Finally jennifer reflected, “we’ve prepared a day and a half for this test so i guess if he likes to watch, we have no choice but to play the game too, brenda.”With that, jennifer pulled off her drab dress to expose a scanty little nasty nurse outfit. She nodded over to brenda, who also pulled off her dress to reveal identical white nylon stockings, held up under an ultra short and extremely tight micro-mini skirt by a lacy white garter belt and a crisp pleated little nurse’s tunic. Grumbling about the things nurses have to do for medical science, the pair of them then slipped off their tunics and skirts to display their most beautiful little white see-through bras and thong panties, lace garter belts and white nylon stockings! The nasty nurses looked like they should be performing at a stripper club. Brenda shrugged at jennifer, looked over at my husband and asked ever so clinically, “so you like to watch women make out then doug?” Doug nodded “yes” as the two nurses turned to step toward each other.“what about you two then, get busy and we’ll get this test over with,” brenda muttered as she reached down toward jennifer’s crotch.“i like to watch hot women kissing like they really love each other and i really enjoy all the girly foreplay too,” doug suggested.So louise bent down, licked her lips shiny then planted hers upon mine. As i felt her warm slippery tongue part my lips to play tongue tag, i peeked over at the nurses. They too were lip-locked for my husband’s benefit but all the while jennifer was squinting down behind louise, at my husband’s penis. I peeked back over at doug and saw his eyes burning into jennifer’s. Her stare was nasty while his was well, just puppy dog. After a few moments of passionate kisses we expanded our foreplay down to breast cupping and nipple squeezing, as did the two nurses. By the time brenda had jennifer’s left nipple out of her bra and squeezed between her finger and thumb, i noticed my husband’s face begin to redden. I gently pushed louise’s head up to pop her mouth’s suction off my right nipple then guided her hand down to my pussy once more. Between the cream and my closing my eyes to block out all the distractions, louise’s clustered fingertips made my pussy squawk rather disgustingly!Doug peered over louise’s shoulder and i watched his eyes focus back down at my pussy being slurped, not those nasty nurses. I humped my hips invitingly on louise’s fingers to entice her thumb in as well. Content with having my husband’s full attention, as i truly deserved, i glanced up at jennifer to gloat. And just in time to see her eyes widen at the sight of dirty doug’s penis start to lift, i might add!To speed his erection i suppose, jennifer slid her hand down the front of brenda’s tiny sheer panties and judging by the brenda’s gasp, must have slid a finger or two inside her as well! My push came to her shove and into me slid louise’s hand once more. There was no hot wheels citroen to recover this time so she just twisted her clenched little fist back and forth to ensure doug’s attention.“brenda honey, you gotta see this!” Jennifer squealed as she dragged brenda over by her pussy to witness the erection doug was finally displaying.“what the hell is that?” Demanded brenda as she peered down at my husband’s great penis enhancer on the bed.“it’s a spongy vaginal vibrator sleeve with an extended knob that i wear as a condom, so i don’t get any of that female hormone stuff on my dick,” doug explained.“well keep it up and get this condom on it then!” Ordered brenda.Once he had it rolled on, each of the nurses circled their fingertips around his shaft to check its girth then ran up and down his bumpy shaft, as well as squeezing the huge mushroom knob extension.So there we all were, appropriately placed and suitably undressed for doug’s “psychological stress test” and that’s when naughty nurse jennifer pulled on the latex gloves!“so tuesday when i was listening on the phone douglas, you really did lubricate your grotesque-looking tool with estrogen cream, like this?” Jennifer questioned as she took the tube from the bed, spread a blob of cream onto her fingertips, reached up between louise’s legs and smeared the slippery lotion up into my darling’s pussy. “you really smeared more of this cream into louise’s vagina like i’m doing now and then fucked her while she played around inside your wife’s vagina?” She continued, as she slimed my pussy as well.“look at this brenda, both their clits have grown erect from my lubing their vaginas with this estrogen cream,” she smirked at brenda.Damned nurse have no respect at all. We resumed our relaxed three-way position with me on my back, in the middle of the bed. Louise kneeled to my left side so i could flick her clit with my left thumb, while massaging her pussy with my right hand. With my right leg raised and that knee bent at a fairly sharp angle and resting on his thigh, doug could roll in on his left side, close to me, push in his penis then begin to hump me leisurely. This wonderful position left his left hand available to play with my clit, right nipple or louise’s nipples if she leaned over me a little. It also allowed louise the golden opportunity to play my nipples and her own or my clitoris if she felt inspired.After twenty minutes of doug’s slow rhythmic thrusting, jennifer grumbled, “we’ve got a halloween party to go to tonight, so if you don’t achieve the heart rate i want to see, i’ll have to hurt you douglas!”“oh really?” He replied in a half inviting, half daring manner.“you like to watch, don’t you douglas, so i’ll bet you’d get more excited watching me give my assistant an estrogen treatment just like your women are doing, wouldn’t you?” Jennifer teased. Brenda chose my dual headed dildo and handed it to jennifer for their “clinical application.” Brenda pulled her little panties right off then kneeled one leg up on the edge of the bed, to the left of me. Directly in my husband’s line of vision, jennifer lubed up the entire length of my spongy dildo then pressed its knob firmly against brenda’s hairy pussy. Brenda undulated her hips a little to relax her vulva, i suppose and then sure enough, the spongy knob just disappeared into her. Jennifer clutched the opposite end’s larger knob then shoved firmly. From past experience i too, felt that fuzzy textured shaft tickle thicker and thicker right down to its fat base but i also knew exactly what brenda was about to feel as jennifer grabbed hold of the big knob to retract it. As brenda’s eyes popped open in astonishment, i visualized that textured head scour back through her vagina. To everyone’s surprise but mine, the knob of my dildo flushed out a creamy flood of vaginal juice with a loud slurping pop! Jennifer immediately shoved it all the way back into brenda who grunted lustfully as she savored the sensation.Jennifer gave brenda six or seven more juicy sounding strokes then jerked the knob out of her pussy with yet another rude slurp. She turned the gooey dildo around, swabbed some dripping juice from all around brenda’s vulva then just jabbed the big knob end into her poor assistant’s substantially dilated pussy! Poor brenda groaned in disbelief as the mighty fuzzy dildo head punctured her pussy and visually grimaced as she prepared herself for the impending thrust, but jennifer just stopped pushing the second it slid through into her vagina. Jennifer pulled her little panties down, stepped out of them then swung her thin leg up over brenda’s knee. She planted her foot up on the bed beside my head, bent her knee sharply then eased her own pussy toward the small end of my dildo, protruding out of brenda. She pushed against the knob but it was at totally the wrong angle and just deflected it. I thought what the hell, bent the dildo up and whacked the knob right into jennifer’s pussy, since she obviously wanted to join in the circus as well!After thirty seconds or so of me jerking my dildo back and forth, both nurses were moaning away like the other two sluts in the bed. Brenda pulled a bra strap down her arm, flipped down her bra cup the reached over and pulled jennifer’s down in the same manner. Brenda squeezed her exposed nipple with one set of her right fingers then pulled jennifer’s pale pink little nipple at the same time with her left fingers’ steely grip. At that second she swiveled her head around to examine my husband’s reddening face then catching the expression she was watching for, reached down and punched the button on the ekg machine!The aroma of excited vaginas absolutely permeated the air around us all and my poor husband appeared flabbergasted with all he was witnessing. He hadn’t inhaled that much smelly pussy since that insane halloween party at louise’s old quebec house two years ago.Jennifer ordered my husband, “douglas, fuck louise as hard as you can right now and don’t stop until i tell you,” then pushed away my hand grabbed the shaft of my dildo and flailed it savagely back and forth to make their pussies squawk! Watching the needles flick as the ekg tape advanced, she cooed, “dougie, would you like to watch me ride your wife’s exercise bike?”Brenda looked sternly down at me and ordered me to buzz doug’s penis with my wand vibrator to make him ejaculate while jennifer ordered, “louise, get that hand of yours twisting around and you laura, let your husband know how much you love getting fisted right now!”It far was worse than any of those sleazy porno films we’d watched at the inn. As the vibrator pummeled her clitoris, louise emitted a pulsing chirp and my vagina savored her clenched little fist transfer her lust by churning her hand all about. All of us women were moaning and all our pussies were squawking. All our chests were flushed and all our nipples were erect. I watched doug’s eyes flash from acts of feminine lust to acts of feminine perversion and finally, finally my husband succumbed to what was going on before his very eyes. He shuddered, grunted time, after time, after time, after time until he spent enough semen to impregnate all four of us.The blood pressure monitor beeped then made a whooshing noise as it released its pressure on doug’s left arm. The ekg spit out its paper tape as everyone held their breath. “145 over 92 at 120 beats per minute!” Brenda exclaimed as jennifer studied her ekg tape.“well douglas,” jennifer dryly began, “you’ve finally reached your target heart rate with acceptable blood pressure and nothing abnormal showing on your ekg so i suppose if four extremely sexy women, being exceedingly naughty in your bedroom didn’t kill you, i suppose you’re going to survive cavorting about with just these two!” Jennifer dressed while brenda freshened up in the bathroom. As she picked up all of her gear, i asked her why she was so concerned about my husband’s well being.She replied, “i remember your husband’s group because it isn’t very often we get a tai chi instructor, a martial arts instructor and a bicycling obsessed square dancer together in one room. Fitness conscious people who we know will make the most of their surgeries are the success cases we like to brag about so if you don’t continue to feed him the right foods and keep him exercising, remember i know exactly where you live and i will come back down here and hurt you in ways you’ve never experienced!”As the naughty nurses followed doug back downstairs to leave, jennifer stepped back into my exercise room and checked out dirty doug’s special stationary bike once again. Calculating what she might be thinking, i said, “he’ll probably be in terrible shape after christmas and new year’s so why don’t you come back down in january?” Then added, “the view from this window and the hot tub are really nice then.

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