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Happy mother's day

Happy mother's day

By: Abhishek singh

Hello all ISS fans. This is Abhishek Singh, a 18 years old boy from Delhi. I have written many stories in ISS from past one year. But from few weeks I have been quite for some personal reasons. But know there will be some blast from the past by me. Now I will write only insect stories in ISS and I am sure that u will enjoy too much. This story starts from here. He walked into the house wondering where Mom and Dad were, when he saw the soft, red glow of a cigarette burning in the living room. He slowly walked in the room and could smell the sweet scent of his mother's perfume. 'Hey Mom, what's up?' he asked turning on a light and saw tears running down her pretty face. 'What's wrong?' he asked moving to comfort her. She forced a smile and returned his hug. 'It's your father. Once again he's managed to break what little heart I have left,' she said with a sniff, hugging her tall, handsome son, Jim as tightly as she could. 'What did he do now?' Jim asked as anger rushed through his body. 'He promised to take me out tonight, but something came up,' she laughed, having a good idea that he was out with one of the girls' from his office. 'That mother fucker! Tomorrow is Mother's Day.' Jim snapped, wishing Mom would tell him to kick Dad's ass. Jim always wanted to, but Mom told him no.

'He doesn't give a shit about me. He'd rather go fuck one of the pretty, young girls' from the office,' she said with hurt, trying to figure out why he didn't want her. She was in great shape and didn't look a day over twenty-five. But, he didn't have any interest in her. 'I told you he's nothing but an ass. You make any girl at his office look like shit!' Jim said looking at her with nothing but love. Mom was a fucking knockout and if she wasn't his Mom, he'd be all over her. You see, Jim had a taste for older women and didn't care who knew about it. To Jim, there was nothing better than a great looking older woman under him while he screwed the shit out of her. She heard him and had to smile. Her son had very good taste in women and if he said she was great looking, she knew that she was. 'Thank you baby,' she whispered, enjoying his arms around her lonely body, wishing she'd find a man like him to love and comfort her. But, he was one of a kind and her son. 'Hey, you get upstairs and pretty yourself up. I'm taking you out!' Jim smiled, thinking of taking his hot Mom out for mother's day and how fun it would be. He'd only have one problem, she was so pretty and there would be no way that he'd be able to control his dick. He'd get hard just thinking about her and this was going to be very interesting.

'I think I'd like that,' she whispered in his ear, wishing that incest wasn't against the law or she'd already seduced him. He was nice and tall with dark brown hair that he kept neatly trimmed. His face had a rugged look about it and it always looked like he needed a shave. Jim's very dark brown eyes were the kind that drove women wild, even her. He returned her loving hug and could already feel his cock stirring in his jeans. 'Good!' he said, hoping to control his lust for her, but Jim knew it was going to be so hard. 'So, do we want formal or just a nice casual date?' he asked, wondering what this sexy lady in his arms would want. She looked great all dressed up, but she'd look good in a pair of tight jeans too. 'Shoot, I don't know,' she giggled, thinking of dressing up for him. She knew he had a thing for much older women, but never said anything about it, until now. 'How do you like your ladies to dress when you take one of them out?' she asked with a sexy wink, enjoying his face turning red with embarrassment. 'I know all about your thing for older women and I think it's hot,' she added, feeling her body getting excited.

'What can I say? You sexy ass older ladies drive me crazy,' he laughed, but this time, her face started turning red. 'Girls' my age just don't do a thing for me. They're into stupid mind games and I'm not. When I take a lady out, I want to know that the evening is going to end in a good way,' he smiled thinking of all the ladies that he'd taken the bed after a date. She sat listening to him and knew that he was right. 'You're something else,' she smiled and couldn't help but smiling at him. Her handsome, twenty-year-old son would rather take out an older lady that he knew he could get into bed, than be left in pain by a young girl. 'How do you want me to dress? Anything you want, I'll do,' she whispered, hugging him, thinking of him seducing women her age and older and it started. Her lonely body began to tingle, thinking of what kind of lover he was. Jim just sat by her, enjoying her hug, hoping he could control his cock, but he'd always been turned on by her. 'Let's just go casual. You can wear those 'really' tight jeans you have and I have a thing for white,' he said hoping she'd wear the blouse he bought her for Christmas last year. Dad hated it and said that it was to flimsy to wear anywhere, but Jim thought she looked so hot wearing it. 'How about your Christmas blouse?' he smiled, knowing that he must have looked like a dog in heat.

She had to laugh at Jim. He wanted her to look hot tonight. 'If I wear that for you,' she paused, hoping her next words weren't out of line, but she wanted something out of this too. She knew Jim would be hard for her all night and she also wanted to be turned on. 'I want you to pretend that I'm one of your ladies,' she added giving her lower lip a tiny bite, wondering if he'd be up for turning on his Mom or maybe she'd just screwed up her night with him. Jim couldn't believe what she said, but it was a hot idea. 'I really go all out. Are you sure about this?' he asked thinking of turning on his Mom the same way he did his dates. He loved showering them with kisses, feeling them up and most of all, rubbing his hard cock on them while dancing. She heard him and quickly knew she was in for a good time. 'I think so,' she whispered as a warm rush covered her body and she couldn't wait to go get ready for him. This was going to be a night to remember. 'Good!' Jim said standing up, pulling her into his arms, not caring if she felt his cock or not. 'Remember, I'm treating you just like I would one of my lady friends, so be ready,' he added, giving her a hug, wondering if this was such a good idea or not. She'd always turned him on and now, she wanted him to pretend that she was one of his dates. 'I'm not kidding! You're going to be a date!' he added, looking straight into her eyes, hoping you understood him.

'Oh trust me, I'm ready to be spoiled, pampered and just about anything else,' she moaned as he hugged her so tight, giving her feelings that she'd came close to forgetting. 'Oh my God! What did I just say?' she thought to herself. 'And, anything else you have in mind!' she thought, wondering if he heard it. But, after she thought about it, she didn't care. If Jim could charm her into bed like he did his ladies, she didn't care; it would be a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day. He was shocked at what she said, but he also knew what a lonely woman she was. Dad never did anything nice for her and if he could show her a good time, he was, even if it meant seducing her. He hugged and slowly ran his hands down to her lower back, gently caressing as they looked into each others' eyes. 'I'm going to go all out and by the end of the night,' he smiled and crossed the forbidden line with her. His hands moved down, cupping each of her very firm ass cheeks and he couldn't help but caressing them. 'You're going to be all mine,' he smiled and leaned to give her a soft and very passionate kiss before pulling away. 'I'll be back to get you in about thirty minutes.' Jim said as he left the house.

She closed the door and fell against it. 'Oh my God!' she moaned grabbing excited breasts, gently pinching her nipples, hoping she could resist Jim and his charming ways. 'What have I gotten myself into?' she smiled thinking of him seducing her and after being without sex for so long, she knew it was going to be so easy. She stood under the hot water of the shower, running her soapy hands over every inch of her body, dreaming of him, her handsome son doing this very same thing to her as he loved her from behind. 'Oh God, I've got to stop thinking that crap!' she said gently rolling her swollen nipples as visions of him crept back into her mind. 'I bet he'd screw me to death!' she whispered, remembering the many times he hugged her and she would feel his hard manhood pressing against her and how good it always felt. 'I hope I can do this,' she whispered, sliding her right hand down the front of her toned, 36-year-old body, to her smooth shaven pussy, gently running a finger up the middle of her excited lips. 'Mmmm!' she moaned, wishing it was one of his fingers teasing her. 'I'm going to burn in hell!' she laughed, knowing she had to get out of the shower before she ended up masturbating.

She walked into her bedroom, still thinking of Jim and her body was on fire. She hadn't been truly excited in a long time and even then, it was because of him. They were playing the pool, Jim came up behind her, grabbed her in his arms. Before she knew what was going on, his hard dick was resting completely in her ass crack, driving her crazy with lust. 'This is crazy!' she laughed, threw down her towel and couldn't help fingering her excited pussy again. She thought of his big hands on her ass and how much she enjoyed it and hoped that he'd be touching it tonight. 'Oh my!' she moaned as her finger slid over her energized clit. 'I bet he'll have you harder than this before the nights over,' she smiled, giving the swollen bud of flesh one last rub before stopping. 'I need to get my ass ready!' she said reaching in her panty drawer for a nice pair. 'I know he loves white,' she smiled holding up her newest pair of sheer, white panties, wondering if he'd get to see them. Her heart raced thinking of him stripping off her clothes and making love to her the entire night. 'If you do,' she whispered, spraying a little perfume on them and slid them up her very slender thighs. 'You're going to love them,' she smiled, making sure they were straight and looked good on her firm, little ass.

She wiggled in her tight, low cut jeans and she still couldn't believe that she was having such thoughts about her son. She clasp her bra, slid the blouse over her head and quickly knew that it did not look right. 'Oh brother!' she laughed, knowing Jim wouldn't like this at all. She knew that deep down; he bought her the skimpy blouse to enjoy the sight of her perky B cups and not some ugly bra. She pulled the bra off and smiled, 'That's much better,' she said gently running two fingers over each rubbery nipple, wondering if he'd touch them the way she loved. 'I can't wait!' she purred thinking of his fingers driving her crazy, giving her the love and affection she dearly longed for. She made her way downstairs and couldn't resist a drink before he arrived. She drank and had a cigarette, thinking of what she was about to do. 'I hope this works out,' she thought, wondering if it was too late to stop. 'I couldn't stand it if anything fucked up our love,' she said trying to imagine Jim not being in her life and her heart sank. 'I'm going to call him,' she said standing up get the phone and she saw a long limo pull up in front of her house. 'Oh you sweet, sweet boy!' she smiled, covering her mouth and couldn't believe what he'd done.

She rushed to the door and had it open before he even had a chance to knock. 'Hello Mrs. Baker. I'm Jim and I'll be your escort this evening.' Jim said reaching out to hug her and that's when he noticed she was wearing the blouse he bought her. 'Very nice!' he said with a wink, enjoying her nipples standing straight out, looking like they were saying 'hi' to him. 'Hello,' she smiled, making sure that she pushed out her chest, giving him a good view. 'You can call me, Julie,' she said as he reached his arms around her, pulling her against him, smashing her excited breasts to his very manly body. 'Mmmm.' Julie moaned, enjoying him and his strong arms. 'You sure do know how to greet a lady,' she whispered, feeling one of his hands sliding down her back, gently caressing her butt, sending fire between her legs. Jim caressed her ass, feeling her trembling in his arms and he knew she was going to be putty in his hands. 'If you're enjoying this so much,' he smiled giving her tight, little ass a squeeze. 'Wait, it gets much better,' he added, sliding his right hand up her side, running his fingers over the soft blouse and the side of her excited breast.

Julie stood helpless as Jim slowly drove her wild. She knew it was wrong, but 'damn' it felt good to be touched by a man, even if she was her son. 'I think I'm in for it,' she whispered, as his skilled fingers teased her body. He just smiled, continuing to touch her. 'I told you that I go all out.' Jim said in a low voice that he normally saved for the bedroom and knew it drove women crazy. She couldn't breathe as he gently touched her and Julie knew that if this was driving her so crazy, she'd be helpless. 'Yes you did,' she whispered, enjoying him touching her breast, wishing he'd move to her already hard nipple. She loved her breasts played with and if a caring man spent time on her nipples, she'd do anything he asked of her. Jim knew she was going crazy. He loved teasing women and poor Mom hadn't been loved in a long time. He kind of felt bad, but she was the love of his life and he was going to make sure that she happy. Anything she wanted, no holds barred, even if it meant making love to her. 'I thought I'd take you to dinner and if you're for it, a club I go to. I think you'll like it,' he smiled, moving one of his fingers towards her nipple. He felt her suck in a breath of air and could hear a tiny moan come from her and he knew she would be so easy to seduce.

She just stood, enjoying him driving her crazy with one finger. 'What am I going to do if he really touches me?' she asked herself, hoping so much that she'd have the nerve to let him give her the love she'd been craving. 'I think that will be nice,' she managed to say as Jim slowly pulled from her, leaving her feeling so cold and she couldn't wait for more. 'Let's be on our way,' he smiled motioning to the limo. 'This is so nice!' Julie said looking around the small nightclub. 'I can see why you come here,' she added with a smile, straining to look across the room, but it was dark and the horseshoe shaped booths had long curtains around them, so that nobody could see in them. Jim smiled as he held her and followed the waitress to their booth. 'You can do just about anything you want,' he said as they sat down and he ordered them drinks. 'The best part will be starting in a few minutes,' he added pointing to a stage in the middle of the club. 'What is it?' she asked, feeling a little hint of excitement. 'Is this one of the sex clubs?' Julie asked feeling her face turning red, but it was so dark, nobody would see it, but Jim. He just sat there smiling at her and he hoped that she would like it. 'Yes and I'm hoping you like it. The guy that's here tonight is great! I met him last year and he's the one that told me about the escort service.' Jim said watching a big smile cover her beautiful face and he knew he had to have her. He'd never been with anyone as pretty as she was. 'So, now I know where you get all that money from,' she said in her motherly voice. 'Just how much money do you make? Julie asked, knowing it had to be a bunch. Over the last year he'd gotten a new sports car, a new home and furnished it with all new things.

He laughed at her and knew she was going to shit. 'The place I work for charges a thousand dollars a date and I get half. And, once in a while, if a lady I know wants a date and I like her, I'll take her out for seven hundred.' Jim said watching her eyes grew wide. 'My Lord!' she replied with shock. 'No wonder why you're loaded!' Julie laughed and she had to ask one more thing. 'So, a woman pays a thousand bucks to be taken out on a date with you. What's included in that?' she asked with a hesitant voice, wondering if she really wanted to know or not. He just smiled and reached across the table to hold her hands. 'She gets anything she wants.' Jim said looking into hr eyes, hoping she wanted him as badly as he wanted her. He'd been in love with her since the day he turned sixteen and accidentally walked in on her taking a shower. 'Lucky bitches,' she said with a smile, thinking of her handsome son screwing the shit out of women her age or older. 'What's the oldest woman you've ever been with?' Julie asked, hoping he didn't do it with ninety-year-old women. Jim thought for a few seconds. 'She's sixty, but when we first met, I thought she was in her thirties. She works out and takes great care of herself,' he said watching her eyes and mouth open wide. 'And, she tips really well!' he added thinking of the extra five hundred bucks she gives him after every date they go on. 'So if I was paying you, this would cost me a grand, but I'd get anything I wanted?' she asked in a seductive voice and she almost forgot that he was her son. Her body was slowly being turned on and it was awesome. Jim was a great looking guy and just being near him excited Julie and now she knew what he did for a living.

'I told you this was a date and you get anything you want.' He replied in a soft voice as he slid around the booth and moved as close to her as he could get. 'What do you think of that?' he asked moving towards her mouth, feeling her breathing hard and he kissed her. Julie just sat there as his lips touched hers and a fire erupted between her legs for the first time in years. 'Mmm, I'm in trouble,' she whispered, hoping she'd know what to do if things continued to heat up. He was her son, but he drove her crazy. He could have her horny a split second. 'Nah, you're in very good hands,' he winked reaching up to her left breast, slowly circling the nipple, watching her gasping for air. 'You just tell me what you want or if you want,' he paused, circling her other nipple, watching her face fill with lust. 'Tell me when to stop.' Jim added, hoping she wouldn't say that. He wanted her and didn't care if she was his mother or not. Julie couldn't believe how wonderful this felt and she wanted more. 'I bet you could make a girl cum just by touching her,' she smiled, looked down to watch him tease her nipples. 'I'm glad I wore this for you,' she whispered, enjoying his fingers on the most sensitive part of her body, hoping that she wouldn't cum. He loved her so much and was going to make sure that she'd cherish this night for as long as she lived. 'Maybe we'll have to try and see,' he said giving her another kiss, but this one was deeper and he slipped his tongue into her warm, excited mouth.

She trembled as he slowly seduced her and there was no way she would stop him. Julie was tired of being lonely and craving a man to love her. He moved to her and when he kissed her, she wanted to die. His tongue slid into her mouth, giving her a feeling that was out of this world. It was as if, he'd went into her aching pussy and was loving it. 'Oh Jim!' she moaned as his tongue explored her. He held her, watching the pleasure on her beautiful face and he couldn't wait to get her to his apartment. 'I think one of us is getting excited,' he smiled, turned, took a drink and lit two cigarettes. 'I hope you like the show. You're going to shit when you see Carl.' Jim said, watching a puzzled look on her face. 'His nickname is horse!' he added as her mouth opened. 'Horse? Should I ask why?' she asked, knowing her face had to be red. 'What's he going to be doing?' Julie asked, hoping this wouldn't be some freak show. 'He's a monster! He'll be doing a young girl and I hope you like it. It's hot! I didn't think I'd like it, but when you see him, you can't look away.' Jim said with a laugh, watching her face, knowing that it had to be red. Julie felt like crawling under the table. Here she was, with her son driving her insane with his soft touch and they were about to watch two people fuck each other. She took a long and drag from her cigarette. 'You should be ashamed of yourself,' she said with a smile as the smoke slowly came from her mouth. 'Bringing me to a place like this,' she winked and couldn't wait to see this man. She didn't care for men like that, but it would be exciting to watch. She liked her men around seven or eight inches long. She loved sucking a man off without being gagged or him trying to ram himself down her throat.

He wrapped one arm around her back and the other around her front and hugged. 'Please forgive me!' he laughed, enjoying the feel of being so close to her and he couldn't wait to get closer. His left hand moved up her front, under her right breast and he gently caressed, feeling her relaxing against him and it felt so good. His cock started to grow and he didn't care. If she didn't like it, she'd tell him in a heartbeat. 'Are you trying to take advantage of me?' she moaned as his stiffness grew against her ass and it was a good feeling to know she turned this young man on. She always had, but this was a special night, a night that they would both be enjoying very much and Julie was going to do anything to make it wonderful. 'I'd never do that,' he whispered in her ear as he softly kissed it. His hand gently toyed with her breast while he continued kissing her ear, neck and shoulder. She just lay against him, his cock continued growing, his hand drove her crazy and his mouth sealed their fate. Julie knew there was no way she could stop him now. Her body was on fire and she needed him to put it out. 'Oh Jim! I've never been this excited in my life.' Julie moaned wanting to pull from him before she exploded in his arms. Her heart was pounding out of control and it was as if her lonely pussy was burning up. 'You relax and enjoy it all,' he smiled, hugging her tighter, while his fingers teased her hard nipple. 'I'll fix you. After I'm done with you,' he stopped to gently suck her neck, wanting to brand her as his and he didn't care who would see it. 'You'll never want to go home,' he added, hearing her moan and her back arch.

Julie couldn't stop. Her body was in control and it loved what was happening. She did too, but she wanted it to last. She wanted to cum in his arms, while he was deep inside her and not here. 'I want to wait,' she moaned pulling from him and guzzled her drink. 'I don't want to do it here.' Julie said with trembling hands, trying to light another cigarette, but it was hopeless. 'Please help me!' she laughed as he took the lighter from her and quickly lit her. 'I want you when we're alone,' she smiled, hoping he'd understand. 'I'm sorry, I keep forgetting it's been awhile,' he said, hugging her, wondering why his Dad left such a lovely creature to chase after young girls'. 'He's so fucking stupid.' Jim thought as he held her in his arms, hoping he could help ease her loneliness. 'I'm going to make you feel so good tonight,' he said to himself, savoring the sweet smell of her hair and her tantalizing perfume drifting up his nose, making him harder with each glorious scent. Julie couldn't believe what a wonderful man he was and she couldn't wait to be with him. 'I bet you're going to kill me!' she thought smoking her cigarette, hoping this show or whatever it was would hurry and start. She'd much rather be somewhere alone with Jim, but this was a part of her date and she didn't want to ruin it. 'Where are we going after this?' she asked in a needful voice, praying that he'd take her to his place and wear her body out. She needed a loving man like him to screw her to death.

He held her and smiled. 'Poor Mom is on fire!' he thought caressing just under her breast, enjoying her heavy breathing and trembling body. 'I think we'll go to my place. If that's okay with you,' he said having a pretty good idea that's where she wanted to be right now. He wanted her too, but he wanted to make sure that she was on fire. Jim wanted this to be the best night of her life. She just moaned and wanted this show to start and get over with. She needed loved and knew the young man holding her was going to be a dream come true. 'I can't wait,' she whispered leaning to his mouth, kissing him, letting her tongue lick over his lips. 'I'm dying!' she moaned, feeling one of his manly fingers graze over her right nipple, sending a rush of excitement pouring between her legs, making her moan louder than ever. Jim held her, knowing his soft touch was driving the poor woman crazy, but he wanted her on fire. 'I have to make sure that you're ready,' he whispered licking her earlobe, slowly, making sure that she enjoyed every second of it. 'I'm wetter than at any time in my life!' she moaned, savoring his tongue on her ear, enjoying the excitement of being seduced by such a skilled, young man. 'I feel like I'm going to explode,' she laughed lighting another cigarette and pulled from him. 'I do need to stop or I'm going to cum. I want to wait...I want to be alone with you when it happens,' she said caressing his handsome face, hoping he'd understand. 'Something as special as we are about to do.' Julie stopped and couldn't resist touching his swollen cock, knowing it was for her and it was out of this world. 'I want us to be completely alone,' she smiled as her fingers were now turning him on. His cock felt so good through his thin pants and Julie couldn't wait to feel him deep in her. Back to the place he'd came from so long ago.

He turned, giving her access to touch him. 'Oh shit!' Jim moaned watching a smile cover her beautiful face. 'Do you like that?' he asked with a wink. 'Just think of how good it's going to feel inside you,' he whispered in her ear. 'It's going to slide in you so easy and then,' he paused to kiss her ear. 'I'm going to make love to you all night long!' he moaned when she grabbed him and squeezed with all of her might. 'You keep it up and we're never going to get to your place,' she laughed, reaching for her drink and cigarette. 'When is this going to start?' she asked, hoping this shit would hurry up. She needed Jim and was ready to go now, but she didn't want to mess up his plans. Jim moved back, lit his own smoke and he knew she was ready, but he really wanted her to see the show. She would be ready after seeing it. One touch and Jim knew that she'd blow up. 'Soon! I want you just as bad, but I know you're going to like this,' he said caressing her thigh, remembering a movie that he'd seen Mom watching when he was a young boy. He'd come home early from school one day. Jim looked high and low, but couldn't find her anywhere, until he heard a lustful moaning coming from the basement. He followed the wonderful sound and there she was, lying on a sofa, legs spread wide and her fingers buried in her pussy, watching a John Holmes movie.

'I came home from school one day and I saw you in the basement,' he said knowing her face had to be red. 'It was so hot watching you and I've wanted you every since that day.' Jim added, hugging her, just under her beautiful breasts. 'You looked so good lying there, I wanted to help you so bad and I swore that someday I would and you'd never be lonely again,' he said feeling tears in his eyes, thinking of pleasing this beautiful woman and the love he had for her. Julie was speechless as his words filled her ears. There was one day that she'd went to the basement and had a strange feeling that she was being watched and now she knew that it was her baby watching. 'I still do that once and awhile,' she purred, wishing that he'd been old enough to join her on the sofa, but he was just a boy. Now he was plenty old enough and Julie wanted him to screw her until she fainted. 'Maybe one afternoon you can join me. Pretending to watch me and then come and give it to me nice and hard!' she said with lust in her soft voice, thinking of pleasing herself like she had so many times, but have Jim come and ravish her. He felt his cock growing so hard thinking of watching her and then giving it to her all afternoon. 'You just tell me when to be there,' he said shifting his straining cock and Jim was also ready for the show to start. He wanted to be alone just as bad as she did. He'd spent so many hours dreaming of this and it was so close to finally happening.

'Mommy hates seeing you in so much pain.' Julie said in a loving, motherly voice, wishing that they were alone. She hadn't had the pleasure of sucking a man in so long and her poor baby needed some relief. 'I wish I could suck it for you,' she whispered giving him a tiny squeeze. 'Mommy would make it all better for my baby boy,' she said in the same soft voice, wishing that he'd say the hell with this so they could leave. 'You say that I'm bad?' he laughed and knew if this fucking thing didn't start by the time he finished smoking, they were out of there. 'You're not my Mom, you're Julie and we're on a date.' Jim added with a smile. 'Deep down, you know damn well that you'd rather be seducing your Mom and getting ready to fuck her brains out,' she just smiled, knowing what her handsome son really wanted. 'Am I right?' Julie whispered as she caressed his hard cock. She was past ready and needed him now. 'Can you imagine just how hot it's going to be? You're going to be fucking your mother!' she panted, squeezing and pulling his cock, hoping he'd want to go now. 'You're going to be fucking your Mom in the same place you came from!' she moaned, hoping she was driving him just as crazy as she was. Jim sat listening to her and was going crazy. Yes, he'd rather be doing his Mom. He'd dreamt it hundreds of times over his life, from the first time he had ever masturbated and every time he made it with a girl, she was all he thought of. He rammed his cigarette into the ashtray and stood up. 'Let's go,' he said taking her hand.

They sat in the limo, kissing, touching and Julie stroking Jim's hard cock, wishing they'd hurry and get to his place. 'I can't wait!' she moaned pulling him, thinking of her handsome son giving her his love. 'I want you inside me for hours and hours!' Julie moaned again as she unzipped his pants. 'Oh yes!' she whimpered pulling his stiff, eight inch cock out, gently caressing it, thinking it deep in her, back to the place he came from. 'I'll do anything you want,' he replied as they kissed and Mom played with him. 'I'll fuck you anytime and anyplace,' he moaned as she pulled out his cock. 'Oh Mom!' he cried, watching the woman he'd loved all his life. 'I love you so much,' he whispered as he gently caressed her pretty face and he wanted in her so bad. All the times he dreamt of loving her filled his mind, making him harder. 'Suck me! I want to see my cock in your mouth,' he whispered and softly kissed her. Julie smiled as she slid to the floor between his legs, gently kissing the swollen head. 'I'll do anything for my baby,' she smiled as she continued kissing him. 'You're Mommy's good, little boy.' Julie whispered in a sexy, but motherly voice and she licked up his entire length. 'Does Mommy's little boy like this?' she said in a voice that would be used to talk to a baby. 'You're going to kill me before we even get home!' Jim laughed enjoying this more than anything thing in his life. 'I love it, Mommy,' he added enjoying her long and lustful moan. 'You're the best Mom in the world,' he said knowing it had to be driving her just as wild as it was him. 'Make me feel good, Mommy,' he smiled watching her kissing his head with her thin lips, remembering the times he'd spent in his room, dreaming of her making love to him this very way. She heard him and couldn't hold back any longer. She opened her mouth and gently sucked him in. 'Oh my God!' Julie screamed to herself as the hot flesh of his cock filled her mouth and she knew no other man would ever please her, but him. 'I love you so much!' she thought, tenderly sucking her baby boy. The son she raised from a baby, into this handsome man she was now making love to.

'Oh Mom!' he moaned lifting his hips, driving himself deeper into her warm and loving mouth. The mouth he'd kissed as a small boy and now it was the mouth that was sucking him. 'Suck it, Mom! Suck me, Mommy!' he moaned louder, enjoying being in this beautiful women's mouth. He held the sides of her pretty face as she slowly moved up and down his stiff cock. He tried remembering any girl sucking him this good, but he couldn't. Maybe it was just the thought of his Mom sucking him that made it so good. He wasn't sure, but he knew life would never be the same again. Julie sucked him harder, wanting to please her baby. She knew that he was going to kill her once they got into bed. She hadn't been screwed right in such a long time, but her baby was going to end that very soon. She sucked him deeper, savoring him calling her Mommy and begging her to suck him and make it all better. He was her baby boy and she would do anything for him. 'Go Mom! Suck it!' he moaned watching his cock sliding in and out of her sexy mouth. He wanted to cum so bad, but he wanted to cum up her pussy more. He wanted to fill the place he came from with his warm cum. 'I'm going to love you to death!' he said pulling her from the floor and kissed her as long and as deep as his tongue would go. 'I love you! I love you so much!' he said as tears poured from his eyes, holding her as tight as he could.

'I love you too.' Julie cried holding the love of her life, wondering how she would manage going back to her lonely and miserable life, after being with Jim. 'Don't cry, baby. I'm all yours, I promise,' she said wiping the tears from his face. She hugged him tight, rocking back and forth, whispering, 'Mom's going to make it all better.' They walked into his apartment, hugging each other, knowing this was it. There was no turning back now. They were going up a forbidden road and there was no return. He turned, held her hands and pushed her against the wall. 'You'll never know how many times I've dreamt of us doing this. I couldn't count how many times I used your panties to jerk off,' he smiled. 'They always made my cock feel good and I'd fill them up!' Jim added, caressing her excited nipples, wondering if he wanted her on his new sofa or on his bed. 'I know you did. Why do you think I'd always leave two or three used pair lying out? I loved thinking of you coming in them. It made me so wet knowing my baby was thinking of me when he came,' she smiled unzipping his pants and pulled him out. 'I want you to take me! Think of the way you dreamt of me the most!' Julie moaned as she carefully stroked him, enjoying the feel of her sons' hard cock in her hand. 'Fuck me anyway you want!' she panted and knew he best do something soon or she was taking over.

'I've dreamt of everything. I don't know. Anyway with you will be wonderful,' he smiled and was quickly shoved back and on the soft with her on him. 'Oh Mom!' Jim smiled as she jerked down his pants and was sucking him deeper than before. 'Oh yes!' he moaned watching her sweet mouth wrapped so tight around him. 'Suck Mom! You know you want your sons' cock!' he growled holding her head as she sucked hard and so deep, hoping he wouldn't cum. Julie went crazy. She sucked him hard and didn't care if he came or not. She wanted her baby to know she was there for him and would do anything for him. 'Yes! I want my sons' hard cock!' she growled and that was all she could stand. She stood up, pulled down her jeans and panties and she led him to the bedroom. She moved to the middle of his big bed, spread her legs and whispered, 'Come back in Mommy, where you belong.' Jim couldn't get on her fast enough. They started kissing, rubbing and humping each other. 'I want you, Mom,' he whispered and her long moan of lust told him she wanted him too. He lifted him hips, gave her one last kiss as his mother and he took her. 'Oh God! Yes! Yes!' he yelled and didn't care in the whole world heard him or not. He was in the woman he loved and knew he would never be in anyone but her again. Julie smiled and returned him kiss, he lifted, and she took a deep breath. Her head began to spin; her heart pounded so hard it hurt and he was in her. Her baby boy was back in the place she'd kept him for nine wonderful months and she wanted him in her for as long as she lived. 'Oh baby! My baby is in his Mommy!' she squealed as his slender cock gave her the most breathtaking feelings she'd ever know in her life. She wrapped her arms and legs around him as tight as she could. 'I'm never letting you go,' she cried holding him with all of her might.

'I'll always be in you,' he sobbed as his beautiful Mom held him so tight. 'I want you forever,' he whispered as he kissed the tears from her face. 'No other woman will be in my bed again, just you,' he smiled down to her and wondered if she felt the same way. He loved her so much and would give up everything he had to have her. 'That would be so nice. My baby being my lover,' she moaned, squeezing her pussy around him. 'You could call me Mom during the day and at night, you can call me lover,' she moaned louder, squeezing him harder, knowing her pussy was going to explode. 'Oh Mom, yes! Oh I love you so much!' he cried out, watching her going crazy under him. 'I'm going to cum in my pretty, sexy Mom!' he moaned and she again went crazy under him. Her back arched, she moaned so loud and her pussy clamped around him like a vise. 'Mommy like that?' he teased, enjoying her body squirming under his. 'Come on Mommy, cum around my cock!' he growled holding her arms, trying to screw her, but her legs held him flush against her pussy and she wasn't letting go. Jim's words were driving her nuts and Julie loved them all. Her pussy was so close to coming it began to burn. 'I love it!' she moaned holding him against her body. 'Keep talking like that...I'm so close!' Julie smiled, looking up to her handsome son and now lover, hoping this would never end. 'You feel so, so good in me! Hold me forever!' she cried squeezing him with her legs and pussy. 'I love my pretty Mommy,' he whispered, hoping she'd let go. He wanted to love her, but her legs were holding him so tight he couldn't move. 'Come on Mom. Cum on me! Cum on your sons' big, hard cock! I want to feel it!' he growled hoping she'd come on. He was dying to give her a good screw. He'd been dreaming this for so long. Jim was in her, but he couldn't move. If there could be a 'hell' this was it. Being in the person you love so much and not able to show them.

'My baby,' she whispered feeling her pussy tingling and her head spinning. 'My baby is a big boy now,' she softly said, watching his face straining and Julie knew what he needed. He wanted to love her, but she just needed to hold and feel him in her body first and then he could do anything he wanted to her. 'My baby is all groan up and loving his Mommy,' she moaned as the tingle in her pussy grew to her thighs and just about every inch of her body. 'I bet you're just dying to fuck Mommy nice and fast,' she moaned louder, thinking of Jim's nice cock giving her a good fast fuck. 'You want to fuck your Mommy?' Julie asked in a soft voice as she wiped some sweat from his face. 'I bet you're going to fuck me nice and hard,' she whispered to him. 'I'm going to be a bad boy,' he smiled thinking of lifting her legs high in the air and really give it to her. Poor Mom hadn't been with a man in a long time and Jim knew that he was going to fuck her to death. She just lay under Jim, enjoying him being so close to her and being inside her felt so good. Julie knew that it was just a matter of seconds before she exploded around his wonderful, hard cock. His talking to her and the way she was talking to him was awesome. She relaxed her legs and caressed his face and said, 'Now fuck me! Fuck your Mom!' she smiled, spread her legs as wide as she could and was ready for Jim to do his thing. He just looked down her, enjoying her beautiful face and that he was in her. He felt her legs release him and her words were like magic to his ears. 'Oh hell yes!' he smiled and started loving his Mom. His hard cock slid in and out of her like a fine-tuned machine. 'Oh Mom!' he moaned as her tight muscles kept squeezing him, giving him the most wonderful feelings he'd ever known. 'I love you! I love you!' he kept moaning with each gently thrust in her glorious body, the place he came from and he couldn't have been more happy.

'Yes! Love me!' Julie moaned as her trim hips moved in time with him, just as if they'd been doing this for years. His slender cock felt as good as it eased in and out of her tiny pussy. He wasn't too big and he wasn't small, it was the best thing she'd ever had in her body and she wanted him forever. 'Make your Mom cum, please,' she whimpered as his pace quickened. Jim moved faster, wanting to please the sexy woman under him. 'Go Mom! I want this to be the best night of your life.' He said pumping her faster, hoping it would be soon. He felt his balls tightening and knew it was going to be very much longer until he'd be filling her with cum. 'Cum on me! Cum on your sons' cock!' he ordered and rammed in her, lifting her hips and ass from the bed. 'Cum for me!' he said in the same voice, ramming in her harder, enjoying her moaning and her pushing to him, wanting it hard. 'Oh Jim! Oh shit!' Julie yelled out as her tiny pussy felt as if a thousand volts of electric shot into it. 'Oh my Jimmy! My baby! My baby boy!' she screamed, enjoying her pussy coming around a man. A spectacular man that would always love her, her son, Jim. 'Go baby! Go! Go!' she kept on screaming as Jim used her pussy hard and so fast and she didn't care. He could do anything he wanted, he was her baby boy. 'Come on Mom!' he smiled watching her face fill with pleasure. 'Go you sexy thing! Cum on me!' he said moving his hips, thrusting his hardness in her, enjoying her tight insides spasming around his hard shaft. 'Oh Mom...I'm cuming! I'm,' he grunted and his cock blew. Shooting cum so deep in her it wouldn't come out for days. 'Mom!' he yelled louder, releasing years of love in her and at last, all his dreams of making love to her were complete.

The next morning Julie woke and walked down to the kitchen to make coffee. 'When did you get in?' she asked her husband, hoping she'd gotten home before he had. It would be a little tough trying to explain that she was on a date with their son and got her brains screwed out by him. 'Just an hour ago,' he replied and didn't even bother looking at her; he just kept reading his newspaper. 'I just wanted to say thank you for making Mother's Day so wonderful for me,' she said in a cold voice, wishing that he'd just leave her so she could get on with her life. 'You're not my mother, why do you always say this shit? Jim is your son; jump his ass for not doing anything for you,' he said in a hateful voice as he looked up to her and he noticed something deferent about her. She seemed to have a warm glow around her face. Julie just smiled as she leaned against one of the kitchen counters smoking a cigarette and sipping her coffee. 'He did and we had the most amazing night,' she purred, hoping he wouldn't see just how happy she was. He just looked at her and knew something wasn't right. Why did she look so happy and content? 'Why do you look like that?' 'Look like what?'

'If you must know, you look like you got your brains fucked out.'

'Maybe I did!' Julie smiled blowing smoke from her mouth, knowing this was driving him crazy.

'So, who'd you really go out with?' he asked.

'I told you. I went out with Jim and we had a great time,' she smiled taking another puff and blew the smoke towards him.

'Well, you shouldn't be so happy because he took you out. I'm not kidding; you look like you got fucked half to death.'

Julie couldn't help but smiling more, thinking of Jim and how wonderful his stiff cock felt inside her. 'Only if you knew,' she thought drinking her coffee. 'I just had a great time and I'm sorry if I don't look right,' she said remembering how good it felt cuming around his cock and hoped that it would happen again today. After last night, Julie knew she couldn't go on living like this. She needed a man, even if the man she needed was her son. He just watched her, wondering if she was fucking someone. He knew he hadn't loved her in a long time, but he just couldn't stand the thought of another man fucking her. 'Just make sure he's the 'only' man you go out with,' he said lying down the newspaper. 'I'm going to be gone tonight. I have that big meeting over in Dallas tomorrow, so I'm leaving tonight.' He said and went to dress. She just smiled and didn't care. Julie knew that she wouldn't be lonely tonight. She reached for the phone and dialed. 'Hey baby,' she whispered in the phone, feeling a warm fire building between her legs. 'He's going to be gone all night,' she said with a big smile, thinking of his nice, stiff cock back in her body. 'Do ya want to cum over and keep me company?' Julie said in a low and very seductive voice, thinking of him over her, giving her a good, hard fuck and filling her pussy full of his warm cum again. 'Great!' she moaned, imagining him in her mouth, sucking him off. 'I'll see you soon,' she purred, hung up the phone and couldn't help giving her excited pussy a tiny rub. 'He'll be here to love you very soon,' she smiled, hoping her husband hurried up and left. She needed Jim in the worst way and planned on fucking him the rest of the day and long into the night.

Julie was sitting on the sofa when he came in the house. She looked at him and smiled. She loved the way he was admiring her naked body and knew he had to be getting hard. She stood up, leaned to kiss him. 'I missed you,' she moaned reaching to squeeze his cock. 'Is all that for Mommy?' Julie asked in a low voice as she carefully stroked him. 'You know it's all for you,' he said reaching around to hold her ass. 'I can't wait to fuck you again!' Jim said with need, thinking of being back inside his sexy Mom. 'You can fuck Mommy all you want,' she whispered, stroking him as she rubbed him on her excited pussy and couldn't wait to get it back inside. 'Let's do it in your old room. I think that would be so hot. Maybe we can pretend I'm tucking you on bed or something,' she smiled as they walked towards Jim's bedroom. 'I always had this dream of you doing something when you woke me up for school.' Jim said with a big smile, watching Mom's face turn a nice shade of pink. 'I wonder what that would be?' she laughed remembering all the times she'd go to wake him and find his cock straight up in the air and how it always turned her on seeing him. 'I think we could do that,' she whispered. 'Lay down and I'll be back in a second.' Julie said giving him a tiny squeeze before she let him go and went to the bathroom. Jim laid in the middle of the bed with his eyes closed, thinking of the lovely mouth that was going to be around his cock and he grew so hard. He thought of all the times he pretended to be asleep, hoping she'd play with him or even get the never to suck him awake, but to his disappointment she never did, until now.

Julie finished and made her way back to his room. She stopped in the doorway and felt her heart skip a beat as she remembered all the times she'd seen him this very way. 'You're beautiful,' she whispered making her way to sit on the side of his bed. 'Baby, it's time to get up,' she said in a soft voice, caressing his face, just like she did so many times. 'Come on or you'll be late for school,' she added, seeing his hard cock moving under the sheet. 'Oh my, look at you!' she moaned, running her hand over his thigh and to his wonderful, hard cock. 'My baby is a 'real' big boy now!' Julie whispered as her hand wrapped gently around him and she couldn't help but moaning. Jim continued lying there, feeling her hand holding his cock and he could feel her warm breath blowing on it. He fought to hold still, wanting this little game to be as genuine as possible. 'Suck it Mom!' he thought, wishing that she was waking him for real. She knew her baby had to be going crazy, wanting to be in her mouth. Julie started placing small, passionate kisses around his swollen head, as she watched his handsome face straining with lust. 'I love your big, hard cock!' she panted and couldn't hold out any longer, she needed it in her just as badly as he did. Her mouth opened, she took a deep breath and sucked him in. 'Oh my God!' she cried as her beautiful son filled her. She sucked slowly, but the burning in her pussy and the need to fuck him took over. Julie started sucking him as hard as she could.

'Mother fucker!' Jim yelled out, looking down to watch his sexy Mom eating his cock. 'That's it! suck it Mom, suck it hard!' he yelled again as he reached to hold her head, moving it up and down, driving it to her throat and lifting her back up. 'You fucking wonderful bitch!' he moaned as she sucked so hard it hurt, but there was no way in hell that he would ever think of stopping her now. Julie sucked hard as Jim used her mouth and she didn't care. She was there for him and he could do anything he wanted. 'Fuck Mommy's mouth!' she thought as he kept fucking her nice and fast. 'That's Mommy's big boy!' she thought again, wondering if he wanted to cum in her mouth or up her burning pussy. Either one, would be good. Whatever her baby wanted, she was there for him. 'I need to fuck you!' Jim said with love and need for the sexy woman sucking his cock. 'Climb up and fuck me, Mom!' he begged and she quickly did as asked. 'My sexy Mom!' he moaned as she sat down on him and his stiff cock slid deep into her loving body. She heard as cry of need and didn't hesitate for a second. She was over him and guiding his shaft up her pussy without thinking. 'Mommy's big boy!' Julie cried out as he sank deep in her. Back to the place he'd came from. 'My baby! Mommy's sweet baby boy!' she cried as he filled her with cock and she defiantly knew she could never live without him now.

He stood looking at his wife and son and couldn't believe what he was seeing. 'My God! How can you fuck your own son!' he yelled as they both turned to smile. 'It's easy with someone as beautiful as this.' Jim replied caressing Julie face. 'If you'd loved her the way any man in his right mind should have, this wouldn't have happened,' he added pushing his cock deep in her. 'I think it he's right.' Julie purred looking to her husband. 'But, I've wanted to do this for a long time. He's so handsome and,' she looked at the man she once loved. 'He can keep it hard for hours and he doesn't need a bunch of horny, little sluts to get it up!' Julie giggled, watching her husbands face turning red. 'He's moving in my room this weekend,' she said moving her hips in small circles, enjoying her son up her pussy. 'I have pictures of you fucking fifteen girls',' she moaned feeling her pussy was about to blow. 'You're giving me half of everything or I'll...' she whimpered as the fire deep in her pussy was ready to be put out. 'I'll clean you out!' Julie moaned as her hips moved faster. She needed to cum with her son and didn't care who was watching.

'Come on baby! Cum on your sons' cock!' Jim said with a big smile, watching shock and dismay on his fathers face. 'To fucking bad you didn't take the time to please her,' he moaned as Mom slid up and down his cock with burning need and love. 'I've never had anyone like her before!' he cried, releasing his hot seeds deep in her belly, deep in his mothers' pussy. 'My baby!' she squealed feeling his cum filling her pussy. 'Cum in Mommy! Make me feel good,' she moaned falling on him, but her slender hips kept moving all around. 'My baby! Oh my baby boy,' she whimpered when her pussy clamped around him and she came hard. 'Baby! Baby!' she cried as wonderful feelings tore through her body. She turned, seeing her husband still just standing there watching them. 'Would you get the fuck out of here and leave us alone!' Julie said with a laugh and felt better than she had in her life. She was at last done with him and hoped Jim wanted her. 'Please do. I plan on loving this hot lady to death and then I'm going to enjoy living with her,' he laughed watching his stupid, looking Dad turn and stomp away. ‘Are you really moving in with me?' Julie asked as tears of joy ran down her pretty face.

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