Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A great fuck with mom

A great fuck with mom

By: raj

Hi tis is raj im now 29 yr old from tamilnadu.. Here i want to share my sex life with my mom… my mom now 38yr old with stunning figure.. Her breast is awesome..huge size.. Her nipples r very hard…she is very fair…i went to market often to buy vegetables… all of them look at my mom with sex in mind.. My mom talks freely with every one.. So all of them talks with my mom….

My mom and dad having sex regularly… wen i m studying in school me my mom and dad usually sleep in same room.. 2 cots r there we three shared it.. After 12 at nite my dad and my mom saw me fell asleep.. And they started their sex work.. Both of them hugging each other.. They r kissing front of me.. They don’t know that i m watching them…. After some time they went to d hall and closed my bedrooms door… in a sofa my dad fucking my mom hard… i saw fully from the key hole of d door…both of them enjoying several minutes… after finishing their sex my mom sucks my dads dick usually at tat time i came to the bed masturbate my self and again starting acting as a sleeping boy.. They came with out any noise and they wil sleep after enjoying… in the moring after they get up they are normal and start doing their works… i watched more than 100 times of different positions of my dad and mom…

At the time of twelth i got a system with net connection… so i always sleep in a separate room… at the mid night i saw through the key hole wheather they r having sex r not? Most of the time they r having sex… but it s not clearly visible to me because in night lamp i cant see clearly… it makes me sad… i m eagerly waitin for a day to fuck my mom… she is very casual in home didn’t concentrate much on her dresses wen she is in home.. Most of the time i saw her beautiful boobs in a tight low neck jacket.. Wen she is doing some work we can easily saw d breast… during washing she take her bottom part of saree and petticoat and inserted to the hip… so only the water didn’t touch her saree.. And saree didn’t wet.. So she usually inserted in to her hip… i can easily saw her huge lap… some times i can saw her dark pussy… which is not clearly visible.. Tat place is dark… every time i saw her and went to bathroom and masturbate my self.. I cant control… she didn’t realize me that i m watching her all the times… after finished her bath.. She wear only a towel which covers her half boobs and her buttocks.. Her lap is clearly visible… and i saw through the key hole how she wears the dress…

After some years i got a chance.. I want to use that chance.. I planned several times but missed it… my dad went to bangalore for a business deal.. He tel to us that he wil come after 20 days.. My moms look dull but my self is very happy… me and my mom are sleeping in the same room... Wen i feel she is sleeping i removed her saree from the breast and i saw her huge breasts.. It looks cute wen she breaths… and after that i wil masturbate my self… and it’s a hot summer so she didn’t bother abt that… one day my mom asked me to take oil bath.. I am not interested to take oil bath usually.. Wen my mom asked me i planned some thing and said ok….. She took oil in my head.. And i told pour it in my body and also my legs and hands.. She said ok and also said wat a surprise u accept for oil bath… i smiled my self.. But my mom don’t know why i smiled… she said go and take bath.. I went to bathroom and after some time i called my mom and said the oil didn’t go out from my body.. She said rub it hardly and i replied i rub it but it didn’t go.. So she came to the bathroom i wear only underwear.. She inserted her bottom saree and petticoat in to her hip..and she started rub my head and all my body.. I sat on the floor both the boobs of my mom r infront of my eyes.. She ask me to stand and she is washing my legs now… she came till the lap… she saw my underwear and it erected hard.. She noticed that and smiled lightly.. And she went out after finishing my bath.. She didn’t do anything… after that day..i masturbate in the bed after seeing my moms breast… at that time mom suddenly wake up and asked me wat u r doin? I replied some itching on that area… she knows that i m masturbating… she angrily said its not good your behavior was also bad… i feels a lot and slept…

After that day… wen i got up around 2 o clock at nite… my mom playing her pussie with her finger and using her other hand she crushing her breast… i saw her fully how she masturbates… in the morning my mom said she miss dad very much… i know the real meaning of that one… usually in night i wil watch adult sites in night… at that time my mom knocks the door… i closed all the things and open the door.. She said she is goin to play the games… i said ok… and leaves that place to my mom.. After 5 min she came and close the door… i hav some doubt and after some time i saw through the key hole that my mom playing her pussie with her finger….. At that times i knocked that door.. She closed the websites and opened and asked me wat?

I said want to send a mail to my friend… she said ok and went to bed room and knocks the door.. I saw again with key hole of my bed room she contined her fingering… i went to system and saw the history my mom watch the adult contet… i shut down the system and went to the bedroom.. Mom opened the door and she breathes hard…she don’t know wat to do at that time… she slept without doing that… after half an hour i slowly touched her boobs she didn’t react after that i removed the hook of the blouse and for my surprise she didn’t wear the bra… i don’t know how i get the guts to unbutton her blouse…i sucked the boobs.. At that time my mom hugged me tightly.. I was afraid.. And she continues hugging me hard i want go a head… sucks her both breast… and i removed my dress and her petticoat.. Both of them are nude at that time….. She cant control herself and asked me to do quickly….. So i inserted my dick in to her pussie and fuck her hardly… she usually don’t make sound wen my dad fucks.. But she makes sound ooooooohhh aaaahhhhhhhh wen i fucked…. After i finished…. I was tired and breaths hard…. My mom taks my dick and started sucking… i m pressing her boobs….

In the morning mom was very happy and ofcourse my self is very very happy.. She said u fucks me really hard and good.. I enjoying my self a lot… i love u dear she said.. Till my dad came i fucked my mom daily…. We took bath together… we watched many movies together… we tried different positions after seeing in a movie… and now also she didn’t like my dads fuck… she will fuck me in the evening.. And in the nite she usually enjoyin with dad….. And this is my experience with my mom…

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