Sunday, February 15, 2009

Preeti Zutshi, hot peice

I 'm from kashmir, my friend preeti zutshi, she was hot, very less height but the kind of clothes she wearing, styling make me crazy about her.

She like me very much, and we usually talk about sex. She have so much interest in sex, as once she already watch a blue film, from that day she want to know more about that thing. How it feels and many more,

It was month of sept, she was in bangalore and i visit there for some work; she booked room in a pg for me. She come to receive me at airport, after that we go to that pg. It was nice. We both are very happy to see each other. After some time, i tight her in my arms and kiss her. As this suddenly happen she worries about the people in tha pg. I tell her no budy will se us. I start kissing her she have no experience it see when i kiss her lips, she stands like a doll.

Her lips were so juicy.

Ohhh it was a grt experience and i was thinking of what will happen next. I take her in my arm and go to bed, and start jerking. Because of kissing my penis was in shape. Still she is wearing clothes she feels very hard in tha down.

Slowly i came up and pull her suit and saw her bra. Ohh my god very small but what a boobs she have. Her bra covering half of her boobs.

I open tha bra and kiss her dark brown nipples she start moaning. Oh man i never saw this much beautifull boobs in my life even in movies.
She was great.

I was sucking her boobs and strat rubbing her love hole. She says, u r dirty but she was enjoying and i make the rubbing fast.
She direct me to the real position where i have to rub. After 5 min she come and her lower become wet. It was her first time and she become mad.

Preeti says u satisfy me now i will satisfy you. She open my underwear and start rubbing my penis, she was rubbing so fast that i feel pain i stop her and tell her how to rub. Sahe say "it is only mine and in future you will not gonna give to anyone". I say love it she kissed it and give atouch of her tongue and it was grt. I say her do it more. She fill it in her mouth, ohhh what an exp it was.

I open her lower and open her black panty. It was not shaved but she have a very beautiful love hole. I become mad.

I touch on it it was wet. I collect the condom from my bagm she say what r u doing, i say i want to make the thing complete. She say ohh so u come with full preperation.

I say yes, and l start rubbing her she say no to penetration i say her i will give you pleasure. But she have a fear that she have a very small hole as she have very less height and it will be very painful for her. I say her don't worry. I take to the bed and wear condom on my penis.

Open her legs, she was reday to feel my penis, i just touch her love hole with my penis and she screams with the pain taht don't do please.

I push little and my upper part go into her hole, it was hot. I dont know i feel like i put my rhing into a hot flask. She scream in a loud noise. I put my hand on her mouth and give a gently puch so that my penis go fully into her. But ohh man bleeding started.

I take off my penis and collect some cotton to stop bleeding. She was crying with pain. I tell her it was ur first time that what it happen. I tell will try again but she says no. I keep saying her and finally she say okie but put some cream or oil so that it will go smooth. I become happy.

I put another comdom and put more oil and push again. Again she screams with pain but thing time i want to fill her with all my thing and i push hard. Now it was inside and i felling great. I start jearks and she start screaming, whenever zi give jerk she ssys, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooo. I give more and more but because of the comdoms my cum was not coming. So without saying to preeti i pu;; off the comdom and push into her. And finally after some jerks i comes. Preeti feels som mauch wetness into here. She ask what happen. I say here i come into her and she become worried. I tell her dont worry take some tabs. I make love 4 time in the night.

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