Sunday, February 15, 2009

Owners daughter

Hi friends I suggest to all readers to read it in "one" go, to enjoy it!! This is my first story submission. My name is Ashik I am 30 years of age and staying in Chennai. First of all I will appreciate iss for providing such a place where we can convey our feelings and share with each other today I think I should share my true experience with all of you. About me my name is Ashik my height is 5'8" and having good built structure. As I was from Chennai, I have to stay on rent. We are 8 of us on rented on the top floor of a bungalow. The owner is stayed in the ground floor. Owner is leaving with his wife and one sexy daughter. We called her Riya. She was about 20-22 years. She is doing in Chennai (Loyola). She is very beautiful and having very good feature, fair, sexy, with huge boobs and big ass. Whenever I saw her I mostly look at her boobs. In summer after exam all 8of us usually went home during vacation. But in last vacation I was in Chennai only because I have an birthday party of my best friend after 2days, so I was on my room. I had to stay there alone. Next day I come to know that my owner's father that mean Riya's grandfather he is secure and he is in hospital of Madurai. My owner and his wife they rushed to Madurai. As Riya didn’t finish her exams so she stay in Chennai only. They will come after 2-3 days. Riya came back from exam in afternoon as she was alone she call me down. She open door and call me in, I sit on sofa. She close the door and sat next to me and we were watching TV for some time pass After some time she ask me a cup of tea or coffee. I say as per u wish.

She went to kitchen and some time she gave me a cup of coffee. When she bends towards to give me cup I saw her big boobs .it was nice both boobs and coffee. With a cup of coffee she sat next to me. She asked can I stay for night also. I was so happy I say yes why not. While watching TV we had a talk on each other's family background, studies, personality, looks, taste, likes, dislikes etc. We talk an hours together, she always deviates from the sex topic, whenever I crack a joke on sex she immediately changes the topic. When I asked her she said she doesn't like it. I told her ," today girls have become so bold and they strip like anything for a role, and you are nice and looks sexy also. Then she smile and become friendly. Then we have a talk on sex as men have penises and women have vagina. She told me that men and women get sexually excited and he puts his penis in her vagina. She told me about the sperms, eggs and ovaries etc.. I told her," yaar, your boobs was nice and sexy" she laughed and said," you guys have nothing better to watch than my boobs " I said," I have something better to watch" she asked," what? "I told again, "your boobs". She gave a lovely smile. She told it makes a girl look beautiful and sexy. I told her that you have got a wonderful boobs you should be proud of it. I am just complimenting it. She looked at me directly in the eye gave a sexy smile and said," no comments I wanted to fuck her but I did not know have the guts even though we were frank that day. In TV there was an English movie and in it kissing, smooches scenes started. She was sitting close to me. We both feel sexually. My cock made a tent on my trousers .I slowly slid my hand in through her t shirt and caught hold of her boobs. It was huge and it was my first time ever touching a girl!! Soon we were in each other’s arms and we slowly lied her down on the sofa.

I gave hugged and kissed on her fore head my hands waved her back then slowly kissed her lips. She responded my kiss, we move her towards the bed room. I lost control. After a session of kissing, I knelt down and pulled her t shirt and jeans, I removed her bra . She was breathing heavily and closed her eyes. She pulled my zip down and slid her hands into his trousers. She took out my cock and she kept moving the skin up and down and I could feel it jerk. She pulled his skin back and kissed my cock. She took it into her mouth and her tongue was busy tickling it, she started to give it a blowjob. She just loved to suck my cock and drink it juice. After about 5 minutes, I held her head with both the hands, now she knew I was ready to cum. She started to deep throat it and also used her mouth to tighten on cock. After a few minutes of fast thrusting I cum into my mouth and held her there. While she drank it juice and licked it clean. Then I took her boobs. It was so soft that I cursed myself not to enjoy it earlier… I gave a tongue tickling on her right nipple and pressed it with my left hand very softly and with the other hand I tickled her left nipple. She was getting out of control. I sucked and squeezed her boobs to my fulfillment and then went down to her belly… she had a flat belly with a deep naval. She kept moaning but it just made me more excited. I slowly moved down and peeled her panty from her pussy. I slowly came back to her pussy and gave a kiss. She shivered for a while and pulled my hair trying to make my face away from her pussy. I just looked at her. Her eyes were closed and she was trying to cross her leg. I remover her hand from my hair and caught it tight on the bed. Forcefully I buried my face between her crossed legs and made my way to her pussy. Once there I planted a kiss at the opening. She shivered and this time moaned a little louder. This was the right time. She was totally wet. I believe she had already had cum many time by now. I started licking her cunt and increased my speed slowly.

She tried to control her scream but was unsuccessful. She was moaning loud. She was Cuming again and again. Even I lost count on how many times she came. After nearly half an hour I got up from her pussy and came up to her boobs and squeezed it again. Then I made her legs to go wide open as much as possible for her. She knew that its time up. She again told me to be gentle. I positioned my dick at the entrance of her virgin pussy….her cunt was wet enough. I gave a little jerk and one third of my cock went straight in. She screamed with pain. It was too much for her… she tried pushing me away. Slowly her scream settled down. I gave her a kiss on her forehead and relaxed her. I could see drops of tears rolling down. I smooched her and after a little while she started responding to my smooches. Just then I gave another jerk and more then ¾ cock went in. Her eyes went wide open but she couldn't scream. Her mouth was locked with mine. I tried smooching her again. But she dint acknowledge it. I asked her if she was fine. She just shook her head and I gave a final jerk. This time she locked her lips and never allowed her scream to come out. I made her comfortable for a while and started moving in and out. She was getting the phase and started moaning and cooperated with me on my rhythm. In next 20 min or so I came and left my sperms inside her. And she was encouraging me for repeatedly "come on baby harder ohhhhhhh aaaaaaaa yes " she would moan "I am Cumming oooohhhh yes oohhh fuck me fuck me fuck me harder, oohhhhh baby fuck me hard as I knew it was her safe date. I pulled my dick out of her pussy. I saw blood oozing out of her cunt. I saw blood on me and on bed. But more than that the tears that still rolled down was the matter of concern and I stayed there for the whole night. We had sex for 3 more times that night. In the morning she said that she never had such a nice sexual experience in her life and find their life's greatest pleasures with me. From then on we had sex regularly for the next 2 days. I had fucked her Ass many times. In 2 days we try different types of position. I too had very great time with her. We enjoyed a lot t Tanks!!

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