Sunday, February 15, 2009

Me and myself

The ads for a administration manager ran in all through November, which produced no viable candidates. The second ad running currently in December out of the applicants there was one that stood out above the rest. I called the lady and ask if she could come in on a Friday morning. In our business there needs to be some up close and personal relations with our customers. So even if this lady turned out to be a good manager yet did not have a good self-presentation I would not be able to use her. I sat in my office hoping she would be neat clean and halfway presentable after all the software revolution getting good candidates for small sum of money was tough. The intercom buzzed and I was told a Preetha was here to see me. My eyes flicked to the application open on my desk and the name was Preetha. I said to send her in. I crossed my office room so I could welcome her half way; also this gives me an opportunity to see her at full length. Her application stated she was forty-four year’s old widowed, healthy with a couple of years of college some years ago. As the door opened I was greeted to a very pleasant surprise there stood a tall, nearly as tall as I am. I am five ten and eighty kilograms. I play and work out three times a week at my age which is thirty six a guy likes to stay in shape for the ladies and of course to stay healthy.

This lady moved with a grace known only to the large cats in the wild. She wore a thin light brown blouse and a dark brown sari. I could not help myself I looked her up and down a couple of times before I let myself act like a man looking of a new office manager rather than a roll in the hay with a tall sexy lady. I felt embarrassed at my uncontrolled actions and I openly apologized for my action. I was acting like a schoolboy on his first hot date. She greeted me with a wide warm smile. Her face was slightly long and narrow framed with long hair down to her shoulders. Her dark red mouth had full lips shaped for kissing. I wondered what it would be like to kiss her full on the mouth. Her eyes were jet black. My eyes followed the curve of her shoulders down to a white blouse that was protruding like twin peaks in the Rockies. I thought “ nice knockers” I wondered if they would stand alone without that lacy bra that showed just a little through her blouse. Her waist was very small, kind of like the way girls looked years ago when they pulled in their waists with a corset. The hips were not wide but more like trim and my guess was very firm. I would bet she worked out. I was stunned by her beauty and gracefulness. She extended her hand and I took it, held it a bit too long and offered her a seat. I walked around my desk and felt my erection rubbing my trousers. It stood out like “Mr. Show off,” and there was no getting around it he was fully awake and very interested in our office manager applicant.

The smile was still there as I said, “ would you like a cup of coffee or something else to drink. We keep a well stocked refrigerator.” Her voice was smooth and silky yet full of self-confidence. I wondered if she had children she could have been a good mother with a firm, yet caring eye. She said, “coffee would be fine, black.” Office boy who is at the other end of my intercom brought us two cups of coffee. I took a drink with my left hand because my right was in my lap playing with my erection. I wondered if she knew what I was doing and thinking as I looked at her. Preetha had been a widow for three years, was well educated and was just now getting her life back on track. She wanted a job with a little challenge and some rewards. She openly told me she did not need the money but she did need to get on with her life and working was the way to go. She had worked during her marriage and loved it so this was a way of getting back to the real world. She told me about her marriage and herself. I was only half listening for I was totally engrossed with her beauty and figure. I was acting stupid and horny like a kid but I could not help myself. If I had a wife I would have serious doubts about my marriage lasting very much longer.

We talked and I was very happy with her as a person and as to her ability to run our current office. I told her so and made an offer higher than I was originally going to make. She accepted. The second office was across town and so I ask if she would like to go over and see where it was going to be. She went out ahead of me on the way to the parking lot. Preetha’s ass was inviting I was not into ass fucking much. Oh, I have and it was great fun with the right girl that is one that enjoys a hard fucking cock up her ass. Some do some don’t I can take it or not it just depends on the girl’s reaction to it. My eyes were glued to a firm tight ass moving smoothly beneath her sari. God all mighty I had to stop this before I am caught of sexual harassment. When she slipped into my car I watched as her sari moved up to show me a strong muscular leg. As we came near the second office in indra nagar which was also in adyar I pulled into an empty parking lot of the commercial building and parked in the shade of a large tree there was not a soul in the place. I turned toward her and started to speak. Preetha came across the seat and her arms went around my neck. Our lips were locked together; our tongues were darting into the other’s mouth. My hand came up and cupped a large firm breast. I felt her fingers tighten around my erection, which was still growing. I am not a super stud, but I am not afraid to show my “Mr. Feel good” to any girl”.

I said, “I am so sorry about this but I have never in my life felt this kind of attraction for any one. Please forgive me." "no need to say a word, I felt the same the first instant I saw you. Chris, you’re a strong handsome man, but I don't think that has anything to do with how I feel.” She said. I thought about it a moment and said. “you're right Preetha I am very pleased with how you look, as you are a beautiful lady but your right I don’t think it is your beauty alone that has me feeling this way.” I kissed her again and she folded into my arms. I said, “Preetha, my apartment is not far would you like to go there?" "Chris, I have a better idea, let me show you my home.” As I drove she laid her head on my shoulder and happily her hand never left my erection. She had a strong grip and it felt wonderful to have her hand around my cock. If the drive to her home had been a minute longer I would have had my trouser open and her playing with the real thing out in the open. She fled the car almost at a trot I was hard pressed to catch her as she opened the front door. The house was two stories, very large. I only saw the front hall and the curved stairs as we ran up to what she called the master bedroom. I called it the master “sweet.” For that is what it turned out to be. Clothing dropped along that way to the bed. It was a king size, even at that it was hardly large enough to contain us. Even before I managed to get into her hot wet cunt we rolled and twisted like a couple of snakes. I wanted to feel every inch of her body. I wanted to feel her naked body on every inch of my body. Front to front, back to front, side to back god we rolled and twisted touching licking and tasting everything. My tongue found her sweet nectar of the gods. While at the same time I felt my swollen cock being sucked down a long wet throat. Neither of us wanted to be brought to a climax in this fashion. We did without words want to climax together but with my cock driving deep onto her lustful cunt.

At a point just before I filled her mouth with a load of sperm we pulled apart and turned to face one another. Our eyes were locked together as she pulled her legs up nearly to her chin. I found her hot wet cunt easily and drove to the bottom in one long thrust. Holding my weight up off her, I pounded her mercilessly. Feeling my swollen cock touching bottom on every driving downward force. I was looking at her as she trashed under me. Moving her head back and forth screaming at me to fuck her harder. I could feel her swollen clitoris banging into my pelvic hair and I knew I was going to cum so I yelled for her to cum with me and she did. What happened then has never happened again we exploded together and she screamed as did I. Climaxing together with my partner is not all that rare, but the way we screamed together and gave up our feeling so completely has never been repeated except with her of course. But no other has ever excited me so nor has another full filled my satyriasis needs as this lovely creature. I failed to go limp as one does most often. So Preetha rolled me off her whereupon she kissed down my belly only to find my cock still hard and dripping our join juices. She licked my cock tasting our combined fluids and sucked the head into her mouth. Her head was bobbing up and down while her tongue swirled around the shaft. Without thinking I said “ oh, my god want a fucking cock sucker you are.” I thought for a second I had made a blunder but then I heard her laughing with my cock still filing her mouth. I was watching her movements as I once again felt the juice of life raise to the tip of my hard cock. Preetha knew I was going to cum again. She looked up at me just as the first spurt of cum shot into her mouth. Our eyes were fixed as she sucked and swallowed my last drop of cum.

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