Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feel heaven on earth

Hi all. I am rockstar, 5.8" tall very fair and muscular built with inviting smile and expressive eyes. I would like to share a lovely experience with you all. I work in an it mnc and live in one of the posh localities in the city. Beside my flat there was a north indian family. They had two little babies of age 2 yrs and 4 yrs. The lady lets name her angel. Angel was like a real angel. 5.7 tall with yellowish white bright color with colored hairs and pink rosy lips. She often used to wear jeans and loose t shirts exposing her belly button (navel). Her husband was a civil architect in an mnc. I used to always admire her voluptuous figure secretly. Her main asset was her ass cheeks. When ever she wore jeans its actual shape also peeped out making me rock hard inside. One fine day in the early hours while i was jogging, i saw her learning car from her husband. We exchanged a smile and i was back on my jogging. Days passed. When ever i and angel came across anywhere, like hyper markets etc we used to exchange smiles. On one friday night around 8pm i returned from outing and then angel's husband approached me in the basement and told that he was going abroad for a week and have his flight tonight but his driver had not turned up still and asked if i could drop him to airport and get his car back. As there was transport strike going on. Also told that his wife is still learning the car hence cannot take the risk and we both laughed. I agreed as a duty of a caring neighbor. Around midnight i got a call from him and asked me join in basement. When i stepped out from the lift in basement i saw angel before my eyes. She was wearing a pink long skirt with a t shirt and a small chunni on those lovely mangoes. I greeted them and we drove the car, husband sitting beside me and her in the rear seat. Before leaving for checking he thanked me and hugged his wife and left inside. We waited there till the flight took off. While returning back to parking we were walking side by side with casual talks. Suddenly her sandal heels came off and she was about to fall and i managed to catch her. In the attempt of holding her when she was falling i accidentally caught her right mango (breast) with my right hand and my left hand was on her waist. I got a quick hard on inside which was touching her thighs side ways. We had a direct eye contact and we smiles back to each other and made her stand. She thanked and we got into the car. She sat in front seat beside me.

I offered her to drive to which she said she is still not perfect and i made her feel confident that nothing to worry as i will take care. She agreed and got into the driving seat and we started. As the airport was on the outskirts it was very dark outside and we had very few passer by's. I was trying to help her out with gears and in the process i was touching her thighs.. And with an idea of helping her with steering wheel and indicators i was slightly massaging her mangoes. Wow what a lovely feeling it was. Suddenly it started raining and she said she cannot see anything hence stopped the car under a tree. I said i will take the driver seat. But as it was raining outside we cannot exchange the seat going out. Hence need to scuffle from inside only. I said you get up from the seat and i will sit then you can move on the other seat. She thought for a while and agreed. When she got up i sat on the seat and she lost her balance and my angel was sitting on me.. And as i was already hard inside i am sure that she was feeling it. I directly grabbed her mangoes from behind and started massaging them slowly. Initially she resisted but later to my kissing on her neck and ear lobes she surrendered to me. I slowly put my hands inside her top and was pressing the mangoes on the bra and playing with the bra bottom line. I managed to pull the seat back. And slowly i made her turn towards me and she was sitting on me like we sit on a horse. We were sitting facing each other and out lowers were directly touching and enjoying themselves. Her eyes were closed. I kissed on her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, ears, and ear lobes and finally came to her lovely rosy lips. When i touched my lips with her lips it was an excellent feeling combined with tasty saliva which cannot be described in words. We smooched for sometime and later i shifted to her neck. She was getting hot and hot. I asked her to get up little and i moved my pants and jockeys full down to the brake and clutch pedals and i raised her skirts as well to her belly. To my surprise she was not wearing any panty... Wow i uttered from my mouth to which she giggles naughtily and was lying on me putting her head on my shoulder. I asked her to get up for once and i slowly slid my hard rocket which is 8" long and thick into her galaxy. She moaned and started jumping on me like a mad lady. I was lying on the seat playing with her mangoes and pinching her erect nipples. She was jumping with out any comma or full stop and i too was enjoying it a lot.. What a feeling friends.. Really it makes us feel heaven on earth.. I felt some liquid wetness on my balls and understood that she had her orgasm. But i was not at all in a mood of releasing and she lied on me exhausted. Then i shifted her to the seat and i put my rocket into her galaxy and her legs closed, so that galaxy is tight and we both enjoy more. I started in and out to which she was enjoying more and more. Just imagine outside it was raining and thundering and inside we were having sweat bath. Wow, finally after 45 minutes of action i asked her if she was in safe periods to which she nodded and i increased my speed and finally loaded all my liquid missiles into her galaxy and pulled her bra up and started sucking her nipples softly first and then wildly. She kissed my forehead and my lips softly and whispered, "thanks you rockstar, you really made me feel heaven on earth".

Then we got dressed and we started towards home and in the way i was playing with her breast all way and i again had a hard on and i released it out. To which she smiled naughtily and started jerking my rocket with her soft and smooth hands and then got to her knees and started giving me blowjob like a softy ice cream cone and a cadbury lollypop. I was like "wow". I was feeling real good.. Later she increased her speed and i unloaded inside her mouth and she drank all of it and said one secret before we reach home. "rockstar, - your rocket is mushroom shape and you do not have a skin before you rocket like my husband, he gets tired real soon and also after some action he gets a burning sensation in his tool. But you are simply superb and especially your everlasting and energetic rocket". Have you friends understood what she complimented? Ƒº if no then ask me i will clarify you. At last we drove in to the basement of our flats where we smooched and explored each other mouth for sometimes and again in the lift and finally departed with a lust, hunger and more burning desire within us. Friends... Comment and responses are welcome on,

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