Sunday, February 15, 2009

Brindha and me

My name is Vikram. I am a 26 year old boy from Chennai. My email id is I have been working out for the past one year in a gym and that’s where I found this damsel called Brindha. Since I got a great body, I am used to the stares and comments by the women folk in the gym. I dont take them seriously and ignore most of them except for a couple of cute ladies, one of them was brindha on whom I had huge crush. She was fair and tall. She had a charming face and lips so red that i always feel like chewing on them. She had a pair of boobs that always bounce like tennis balls. What really pulled me towards her was her ass and legs. It was 36 inches ass that would always wobble this way and that way, whenever she walks on the treadmill , got my heart racing and her smooth thighs, which were always covered in the tight stretchable workout pants got my libido going. Slowly we became friends in the gym. I came to know that she was 30 and i was surprised because she hardly looked older than 22. She was also married and had a kid of 2 years old. I started praising her about her body structure and beauty. She was shy at first and then she started opening up to me. I had my sexual intentions on her but she always spoke normally with me. Finally i managed to get her cell number and called her once, but she didnt pick it up. Then she called me back and we spoke for sometime. After that we started talking on a regular basis. She always spoke in a friendly manner and i was afraid of asking her anything sexual. One fine day she called me to her home and i went there like a good friend. She introduced me to her hubby and i saw her small kid too. Her husband then went to the office and i was left alone with her and her kid. Her kid slept after a little while and we both were talking she wanted to learn some abdomen exercises from me and asked me so. I said ok and asked her to change to her work out pants as she was in her chudithat and i was not able to see her figure better. She agreed and went inside her room and changed into her workout pants and tshirt. When she came out i was stunned cos she was wearing a stretchable ash color pant which was hugging her so tight and showing the structure of her thighs so perfectly and a white tshirt which was tight and so small that it hung above her ass and i could see her ass so clearly resting inside the pants. Her panty lining was visible so clearly to me and even her bra outline was visible. My cock immediately sprang up seeing her in that attire.

I thought of seducing her somehow and fuck her to my hearts content on that very second. I told her that i would teach her floor exercises first and lied on the floor to show her how its done. She was standing next to me and looking up at her from my position made my heart skip a couple of beats. I could see her bra covered boobs from the tshirt opening down below. I was also able to see her pussy lips and ass cheeks because of the tight stretchables that she was wearing. I ws in that position for more than 5 minutes and was enjoying seeing her sexy body while explaining her the workouts. She then lied on the floor and started doing her workouts. I was content seeing her sexy body in the tight workout pants and tshirt for sometime. Then i thought of touching her and gave her harder workouts so that i can help her doing them. First i caught her ankles and helped her lifting her legs. She didnt complain about that and slowly i was standing on her side and moved my hands to her calves and feeling her calves on the pretext of helping her lift her legs. I then thought her an exercise in which she should lie straight and lift hip up while keeping her head and feet on the floor and be in that position for 1 minute. As she was struggling to do this, i moved my hands to her thighs and helping her. She didnt complain, so i was pressing her thighs nicely and feeling her. I gathered more courage and put my hand under her ass and helped her lift her hips, the next time. I was not able to believe that i was touching her ass, of which i dreamt of, so many days. I was squeezing and feeling her ass nicely when she was lifting them up. I asked her to do three more sets of 10 each. I kept both my hands on her ass and helped her lifting up her ass off the ground for two more sets. I was squeezing and feeling that super ass of hers while she was doing 2 sets. For the last set of exercise i kept one hand under her ass and put one right on her crotch, near her pussy and was helping her. She continued her workout closing her eyes and widening her legs a bit for my probing hands. Not a word was spoken between us. When she finished that set of workout, i was horny as hell and i told her that i wanted to take off my shirt, since i am sweating profusely. She agreed for that since nobody except for her kid was there. I knew my worked out sexy chest will do the magic even if my fondling doesnt turn her on. I asked her to go on all fours and lift her leg up in the air, towards her backside. I came on her backside and caught her left thigh and made her lift her leg, while i kept my other hand in her ass. Slowly i moved that hand between her legs and was rubbing her pussy. She stopped doing her workout and started moaning while i rubbed her pussy.

I then leaned on her and caught her breasts in my hands while rubbing my cock in her cute ass. She turned her head sideways and kissed me in my mouth putting her tongue in my mouth. I was enjoying the kiss when suddenly we heard the phone ringing. We got disengaged hearing that and she went to attend the phone. I was in so much mood that i took off my pant and showed her my proud engorged cock.she showed a look of appreciation with her eyes. I started removing her pant and panty, while she was on the phone and started licking her clit with my tongue. She gave a squeal and pressed my head to her cunt by putting her legs around me. She somehow kept the phone and pressed my head so hard towards her pussy saying that her hubby never did that before. She had a pussy with some hair on it and i had great pleasure licking it. She then went to a sixty nine position and started sucking my cock. I knew from the way she sucked that she never sucked a cock before and i told her how to suck cock inbetween the lickings. After nearly half an hour of licking, she said i want u in me. I positioned myself between her thighs and started pounding my cock into her. Since i know how to fuck without ejaculating for a long time, i fucked her more than half an hour. I came in her after half an hour. We were then lying naked and kissing, hugging and fondling for sometime till we were disturbed by her baby crying. She went to the baby and gave some toys to play and asked me to come inside the bathroom to take a shower. Under the shower she started sucking my cock again and it got hard. I wanted to fuck her cute ass this time but she was apprehensive. I then cajoled her into it. I penetrated her ass with my cock, but she said that it was painful, so i fucked her in her pussy and came. Since then we did it three times in her house. I still wanna fuck in her ass one day. This is a real story and not a made up one. I want your genuine comments and suggestion. Mail them to

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