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Sex with shruthi in hyderabad

Hi my name is karthik am from hyderabad this is my true story,pl z if u like my stories send ur feedbacks to my yahoo id am 24yr old single guy studying in some college in hyd, and love to live to the fullest. The incident i am telling you today is a real one and happened just months back.if aunties, gals, wanna meet me can mail me at my yahoo id, sorry dis is my story if any mistake pl z forgive me ok.

Well to begin with i am 22, 5'10" height, well toned body and a 6'cock. Presently i am doing my engineering final year. I am a regular reader of erotic stories all over the net but never expected that i would have any story to share with all you friends.

This all started when i was studying 15th. A family of 3, parents and daughter moved into our immediate neighborhood. The girl sruthi joined in a womens college in our city. I sometimes used to talk to her but could never say she was my friend. Just hi/hello type. She was a bit egoistic. And about her physique she's slim, fair, having well shaped breasts (hey not that xxl type but averagely built) and what to say- everybody in our colony tried to have a look of her.

Days passed and then we got admitted into the same engineering college. Those were the days when i used to frequently chat with her but to tell the truth very decent talk. Being freshers we had uniform and had to fo through a lot of ragging. Eventually we got very close and the whole college perceived us it as an affair. Well we never had any complaints about it, may be wished so.

She almost daily used to come to our house and me to her house. Most of the time we used to study together, roam together and those were the days when we started getting attracted to one another. But we were very casual and never talked about relationships and sex.

Time can work wonders and it did. We got very close say best friends. One day in the college bus when we were returning she raised her arms to get her bag. The arms of her kurta being very short revealed her arm pits and had short hair. May be she didnt shave them from a month. While walking back to our house from the bus stop i asked her to shave her arm-pits.

To this she paused for a moment and casually asked "when did you see?".

I told her i saw in the bus and i told her that they look sexy but then they should be shaved when wearing short armed clothes.

She didnt utter anything and when we reached our homes she left.

I had a double mind because i never talked to her in that way and thought she minded my words. Later after an hour i went to her house. Her mother asked me to sit and wait as she was in the toilet. After some time she came to the hall probably after taking a bath. She wore a sleeveless top and a skirt ending just above her knee. She was looking sexy.

She raised her arms and said " is this looking good now after shaving?".

I was completely surprised. I never saw such behavior from her side.

I found myself saying "is this the only area you shaved?" to which she replied "you naughty".

Then she said "thanks for being frank". "true friends should be like this" she said.

That incident brought a new look to our relationship. Now we used to share everything. I used to admire her boobs and she used to tease about the occasional bulge in my shorts.

One day she came to our house. At that time my parents had gone out. She wore a skirt and a t-shirt. We had a small fight sort of a thing for some silly reason to which she pushed me on to the floor, sat on me, held my hands and said "ab kya karoge?". I forcibly held her hands pushed her back to the floor and then got up. This episode made her skirt move up exposing her black panty. This was the first time i saw her that waist up. Since i held her hands firmly she told me that her skirt had gone up and she needed to adjust. I freed her hands, then she got up and said i am a beast.

After some days we had a study tour from our college. We reached mumbai first. At our 3 day halt at mumbai we could hardly talk personally with each other with friends all around. Well we didn't want to waste our trip and i told her about the same. She too had similar feelings. In our next halt at bangalore, a strange thing happened. I fell off the stairs and my right hand got sprained, thankfully not getting fractured. So i couldn't go for sight seeing and had to be at the hotel room itself taking rest. She also made some excuse and didn't go for sight seeing.

She came to my room in her night dress itself. After some time we slept on the same bed as we were tired of the journey.

That afternoon i got up and felt like going to toilet. She was still sleeping. When i got inside the toilet, i noticed that the zip of my pant was stuck(jammed) and was not opening. After some single handed try i found that i was unable to handle any more pressure. So i woke sruthi and told her my problem. She laughed first then getting into the need of the situation she herself tried to open the chain but in vain. Meanwhile the touch of her soft hands made my cock go erect with no undie inside. She noticed and used to laugh and say "control karo- hath lagte hi arouse ho jate ho."

Finally she said that the cloth has to be cut. She brought a blade from my razor box and cut it slowly. My erect cock started peeping out. She used to look at me and laugh and occasionally joking "agar ye kat gaya to kya hoga."

After i came out of the toilet i decided to change my pant. I asked her to go out so that i could change my pant but she said "its ok- turn and change."

I was really excited. She was really getting physically close to me. I didnt want to lose this opportunity so i turned towards the wall, released my pant and slipped into my shorts.

We took lunch inside our the room and then after that we found ourselves lying on the same bed. Now i was a completely changed person. I took some liberty and put my hand over her stomach area. She didnt say anything and we continued talking. After a while i moved my hand upwards over her breast. This was the first time i held a girls breast. I slowly started pressing and pinching her erect nipples over her clothes. She stood up, said- she didnt like this and left the room. All my dreams were shattered.

Our next halt was at goa. We boys used to bath at the beach with just our undies on but the girls never came inside water. Probably they just watched us and passed sexy comments among themselves.

The next day we both didnt go for sightseeing and preferred to stay at the hotel. She again came to my room. Afer some chat i asked why she didnt bath yesterday at the beach, to which she replied that girls dont prefer to bath in front of public. She said "if it were just you on the beach i know then i could have slipped into my bikinis and taken bath." this thought woke up the devil in me.

I said "can we bath together - here?"

After some resistance she agreed she agreed on a condition that i am not going to touch her private parts.

I agreed. I had no other way.

We started a music channel on the tv and then reached the bathroom and started removing clothes. I was in my underwear and she in her bra and panty. We came under the shower and started exploring each other with our eyes. The music from the tv made our bodies sway in its rhythm. Water made her white bra and panty transparent showing her brown nipples. My cock was in its full size.

After about 15 minutes i found myself saying - "i dont bath this way with underwear on. Is it ok with you if i remove it?"

Before even realizing what i said i found a voice saying "go on - its ok with me. How ever i had seen it when i was cutting your pant."

I now had to oblige her and remove my underwear. This was the first time i was completely naked before a girl. She completely started at my cock. Sometimes sprinkling water on it and sometimes laughing at its size.

Then i asked her ro remove her undergarments. She refused. She said - "if i remove we may have sex and i dont want to lose my virginity." fortunately or unfortunately i promised that we wont have sex, still she agreed just to remove her bra and not her panty. Wow! What a sight that was.two ripe mangoes in front of me.

We applied soap to each other and had explored each others bodies expect for her pussy. I pleaded her for sex but she refused. She said we can satisfy each other by masturbation. Without saying anything she took my cock in her hands and started messaging. I stopped her and asked her to use her mouth rather than hands. She agreed and i got my first and ever blowjob. After a while i was out with loads of cum.

After that she finger fucked her pussy with her panty on. I was just a spectator. I helped her by sucking her one nipple and fondling her other one with my hands. After some time she also had an orgasm.

About one hour later we came out and dried ourselves. She didnt get any clothes inside my room so she asked for my clothes. When i was about to wear my boxer, she snatched and said you look better without clothes. She turned back, removed her wet panty showing her beautiful ass and then wore my boxers. We were on the same bed, me naked and she half-naked. Although her breasts were in my hands and her hands on my cock. She occasionally used to moan, but what control- what abstinence she had? After a while we felt asleep.

When i got up she was sitting besides me looking at my cock. I smiled at her and again requested for sex. She again refused and said - "ek kaam karte hain. Jab bhi tumhe mujhe chodhne ka ichcha ho to mujhse kehna, main tumhare cock ko chus har uska ras nikalkar use chup kara dungi."

She again gave me a blow job. She now milked me and drank every drop of it.

After that i forcibly pulled the boxer she wore. She covered her love hole with both her hands. When i told her that i will just suck she allowed me.

That was my first look at a girls vagina. Today i could do anything for it. There was short hair covering her secrets and i started licking her. I inserted my tongue as deep as i could. After sometime i inserted my finger inside her. She loved it and used to say "hmmm acha lag raha hai. Aur andar karo, zor se karo etc etc." within a while the hole was filled with juices. I sucked all of them. Then we were in 69 position till evening. I couldn't remember how many times we cummed. By the time our friends are scheduled to return we wore our clothes and she went back to her room.

Today we are more than friends. Its true we didnt have sex till now and i dont want to change the truth of our story by adding some false fantasies of us having sex. Till now we both are virgins. I cant say that i will continue to be so but with this state we are satisfied with. Today, we do not masturbate but regularly have oral sex almost every 2 days. The rest of the time we find our hands rolling over each other- no restrictions, and no barriers.

We have become slaves of each other. I asked her not to wear ant panty when she meets me and she obliges. Ever now and then i lift up her skirt (she usually wears skirts at home) to look at her sweetest hole. And about her- when alone, she never pulls me by my hand but by my cock. She eats a lot of chewing gum and pastes all those tattoos and other rubbish over my cock. She is also good at painting and she draws funny sketches over it. Well now it is her property.

If any gals, married women, widows, aunties etc etc wann have sex with me in real can contact me by mail address my yahoo id is

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