Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sex will go on

Hi I am Zubihq I was born in a middle class family and had no more luxuries of life. My father died earlier and we have no good source of income, but still we had no problems. Later it was revealed on me that my mother used to visit various countries as baby sitter. What else did she do beside babysitting was revealed to me later. When I grown up I learned the art to seduce guys from my mom. I had a job under chaudhry sahib who treated me like her daughter, but in fact he was a real fucker. He used to hug me tightly so my boobs pressed against his chest. I got good salary from him so I didn’t say anything. But u never let him go any more as I belonged to a good family. I married to one of my cousin who was very fond of xxx movies and on wedding night I went through blow jobs and anal fucking . He use to fuck me day and night but I need something special. I had a few year in my in laws but I had no opportunity to do a job there so after two years of marriage I shifted to an apartment in gulshan. I joined my chaudhry sahibs office and now I had chance to enjoy life at its best. As now I was married I have no problem in having sexual relationships. I started to wear see through and tight fitting dresses which revealed my sexy boos and heavy buts. Whenever I had to enter in his office I kept my dupatta on my shoulder and use to talk to him by bending revealing half of my 36d boobs. As the day passed I found him to get notice of it. He began calling me quite often and when I put my application for a big loan he put this proposal to me, which accepted after some reluctance.

On the appointed day I came to office but at 12 we left it and in his car he lead me to one of bungalow in defense where his friend was supposed to take my nude pictures. I was excited by thinking it as I knew it ,all not be limited to photo session. I was wearing a red sleeveless shalwar qameez. The car parked in a lonely bungalow and we entered a big studio with a giant size water bed. The photographer named Shahid, was a nice looking guy with muscular body. I was asked to wear a sari and I changed it in the changing room. Initially he made some simple pose and gradually he started to stripping me first he pulled the sari off and made a few snaps in only blouse and petticoat and then he ripped the petticoat make a sexy look. I lied on the bed showing all my milky legs , with rolling in the bed and then he opened my blouse buttons which was on the front one by one and finally removed all of it. Now I was in only bra and panty, with two guys completely unknown to me, it felt exciting . Upon his advice I slowly removed my bra and panty and my big melons were all free and my neatly shaved pussy was feeling the cool breeze. He made a lot snaps in various postures exposing my pussy and fingering it. He was more concentrated on my 38 butts and touched them multiple times making my poses. Then he asked chaudhary sahib to striped and make some more. I resisted as it was not in agreement but he stopped me by saying that he ,ill pay more for it. Chaudhary sahib obliged it rapidly and I was surprised by seeing his 8 inch cock. He began to kissing me on my lips, neck and boobs.

He was licking and sucking it hardly I was not responding initially but when his fingers moved to my cunt it became shivering me camera was clicking continuously. He keep sucking my breast for 10 minutes and then moved to my belly and finally moved apart my legs widely and fucking my cunt with his tongue. I had a huge orgasm . But it was just beginning. He bit my clitoris and moved his tongue my anal opening. I was moaning continuously , but suddenly I felt something in my throat. Shahid couldn’t wait any more and put his dick in my mouth. Oooohhhh it was great feeling. Now I was a real whore with one dick in my pussy and other in my mouth. Chaudhary was moving rapidly giving jerks to whole my body and making me another orgasm at the same time Shahid chummed in my mouthand breasts. Then they changed their positions but Shahid made me turned and fucking my ass at the same time I was sucking chaudharys cock. They were calling me bitch as I really was and making abusive words. We enjoyed it for two hours and then three of us had shower. They again fucked me there and it ended in the evening. I kissed my photographer and he pressed my breast in return. While dropping me back to my home chaudhary sahib asked me to suck his dick and I loved, the car was moving but the black glasses protect us from watching, suddenly my mobile rang. It was my husband asking about my late arrival. Chaudhary was sucking my boobs and I immediately cut it by saying that I’ll be there by 7. He kept on sucking my boobs and my cunt my shalwar was half over my thighs and my red qameez was open when the car reached at my apartments. I adjusted everything quickly and moved to my flat. Later on my chaudhary sahib keep on fucking me in his office whenever he has chance, but my desires didn’t limit to him. As my husband was fond I was fucked by my husband’s boss, that r long story and I’ll narrate u later.

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