Sunday, February 15, 2009

Most wonderful masturbation

By: Divya Rathnakar.

I have always been very open minded in the erotic world. Try anything once and twice if i like it, which i usually do. As time goes on my sex life has grown along with my sense of self. For a few years i have heard about many different fantasies and of many fetishes, i do believe i have a few fetishes and things i would definitely try.

My whole sexual life, from what i can remember, i have been absolutely fascinated with the female body, to me it has so much potential and a lot of mysteries. The more i learn about my own body, the more i want to try. About 3 years ago, my boyfriend had asked me if i had ever squirted. I had heard of it, but never thought anything else of it. So, when he asked me, i was quite turned on by the idea. I did some research and found many discussions on the g-spot and female ejaculation. I was soooo intrigued. I decided ok, its time to learn, i ordered a book and read all about it, its history, the role it plays in your body and also how erotic it is.

One day, i decided its time to give this a try, before i was a little scared to attempt it because really had no idea how this would happen, how it would feel, really just shy because i didnt know much about when my g-spot was, we always tried but had little success.

So, while my man was out, i locked all the doors and went upstairs to my bedroom where i would be undisturbed. I turned off all the phones, and settled down into my bedroom. Turning on some raunchy porn, i grabbed a couple towels and an old pillow and took a seat on the floor with a full length sized mirror in front of me. I watched as people in the movie touched and licked each other.

Gently touching my 36c breasts and small pinkish nipples and giving them a firm squeeze, i slowly moved down south toward my freshly shaven pretty pink pussy and luscious lips, swelling with excitement. I gently teased my clit; in a side to side motion i could feel my nipples stiffening. Every few minutes, i would blow on them, keeping them erect.

My pussy was starting to become very aroused with each passing second. My heart rate increased, my breathing quickened as i entered the first stage of excitement. My eyes switching back and forth the mirror and the hardcore fucking on the computer screen. I imagined the girl in the porn getting the huge cock shoved down her throat was me, i watched intently as she gagged on his huge fuck pole over and over. He grabbed her by the back of the head and slammed his dick into her throat in one quick thrust.

In that motion, i wish i could “feel her pain.” Something about someone having complete control over me gets me wet. I keep touching and teasing myself, switching from rubbing my clit or running my fingers down my slit and rubbing the outside of my hole and urethra and then back up my slit, up my stomach, onto my hard as rock nipples and into my mouth to suck the juicy cum off my fingers.

Back down i go to my clit, rubbing and pinching it a little bit, and back down my slit to my ass hole, dragging the wetness down there for later. I slowly spread my lips to expose my opening to myself in the mirror, i never realized how sexy my kitty was. Watching myself in the mirror got me even wetter then i ever thought possible, the porn that was playing was completely forgotten about for quite a while.

As i sit there starring at my insides, i slowly insert my pinky finger. I am so tight, but with the wetness growing that will soon change. As i am rubbing my insides with my little finger i imagine being fucked by a huge cock. Removing my finger and pulling my hole open a few times, i am ready for more then a pinky. Inserting two fingers, i am noticing how many muscles are spasming inside me, its intense. I twist my fingers to the left, then to the right. I then begin the hither motion.. Touching something very rigid, and protruding from the interior wall, it is quite large and almost feels spongy. As i am relaxing into the warm sensation of the g-spot, i rub my clit with the other hand.

With two fingers in my tiny hole, i insert a pinky into my asshole, very slowly. Ive always loved getting my ass stretched, to the point where i almost hurt. Forging ahead, i start squirming from my own fingers, i never knew it would feel so damn good. I catch another glimpse of myself in my mirror, i am completely flushed all over, cheeks blushing, chest all red. I cannot take my eyes off of my fingers movements.. Once i get used to two fingers in my pussy, i try to work in three, the only way it will work is if they are scrunched together, so in they go, rubbing all around.. Im getting so close to cumming all over the place, i stop for just a second and only finger my ass, watching my facial expressions.

I moan loudly at a wave of pleasure. I feel little waves all through my body, slowly building up in my core into one huge shockwave of explosive pleasure. I stop for just a moment, go downstairs and grab a bucket, i can feel my pussy juices running down my leg .. Bring the bucket to my bedroom and sit back down. Shoving my fingers back into my swollen, throbbing pussy and rub.. I can feel my pace quickening. I can feel so much pressure building up, and the overwhelming feeling of release, just yearn to push. I remove my fingers and lightly push out with that motion a hot stream of fluid is released from my urethra and sprays out with such force that it hits the mirror gently showers me in my own ejaculate. It feels so warm and invigorating, i stop the stream of fluid and switch to a squatting position over the bucket, i gently push out again and this time it almost seems like it wont stop.

I rub the inside of my pussy once more very firmly, my g-spot os still swollen and quite uncomfortable. I keep rubbing for just a few more minutes and take my soaking wet, fingers out and hardly push and another stream flows out into the bucket, one last push gets it all out. I am taken aback at the amount that has just come out of me, it was definitely close to 4 cups. I relax and start rubbing my fluid filled pussy again, teasing my clit just to have another orgasm, as i am rubbing my overworked pussy, i take the bucket of squirt and slowly pour it all over my chest, making sure it trails all the way down me and back to the area from which it came, just the feeling of it trickling down my kitty and my asshole make me cum hard. I lay there in disbelief, rubbing my breasts, clit, luscious lips and asshole for i nice cool down.

I just lay there completely naked in huge puddle of my own fluid, relaxing to what i cannot wait to show my bf. Laying there made me feel so relaxed that i must’ve feel asleep, because the next thing i know, there is my bf standing over my naked and soaking wet body still with my hands between my legs, he is standing over me, watching me, rubbing his cock through his pants with the biggest hardon i have ever seen............

Guys n gals, pls let me know about one of my most wonderful experience. Am also looking to meet some guys with big dicks.

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