Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hot fuck in Hyderabad

Hi to all of u once again I am going to share true experience in my life. This is the 3rd story which I am going to tell all of you, I am 24 years old from Hyderabad. My name is Raushan Kumar. I was working but resigned for higher study. So coming to the story I was taking coffee at barista banjara hills my favorite time pass place in Hyderabad. So I saw there was 1 girl alone in coffee day and was looking at me . At last after seeing each other for 1 hour she came nearby me and we started knowing about each other . She belongs to very good family background but her family is conservative . She finished her from villa Marie college , I would say one of the top women college in Hyderabad. So after talking so many hours we shared each other cell no and we started talking on phone till late night . I would certainly say she became my good friend. So one day she asked me whether I have girl friend I said no. We used to discuss sex also sometimes she told me that she is virgin. But she really looks awesome sex bomb. Her name was shalini and her figures must be 36 28 38..i would say sexy bomb. After talking 2 or 3 month one day she said that her parents are going on tour and she will be alone. She invited me to come to her place I understood her well intention. I went to her home around 7pm in the evening she was alone. We chatted for sometimes and gone to have our dinner at Ohris banjara restaurant, my favorite restaurant in Hyderabad. So after coming from there she was really looking hot she said can we see some hot movies I was really surprised for her frankness with me. So she changed her dress she just wear short skirts and I was sure that she was not wearing any undergarments. So we were sitting very close to each other. She was touching my thigh coz she became hot after watching one kiss scene. I just responded pressing her thigh also she became very hot and started kissing me. I also started the same so she became so horny I can’t even say. I removed her t-shirt and skirts. What a wonderful her body was. I asked her to give me ice-cream coz I love sucking pussy with ice-cream. I put 2 butterscotch ice-cream on her pussy and enter my whole tongue inside pussy .

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahahahhaha hahahaaaaaaaa she was moaning like hell. Ahahahahah suck me suck me. Suck me I was just sucking her like very hard I would have sucked her for at least 45 minutes and she started crying… fuck me …. Fuck me.. Fuck me….. She came at least 4 times in 45 minutes as my whole tongue was inside her virgin pussy. She took my whole bigger one inside her mouth and sucked it hard……. But she wanted taste my cum in her pussy . As she was virgin so I must be careful while fucking her small and tight pussy. I just put my cock on her pussy and give small jerk she started crying.. aaaaaaaa I am dying so I took back my cock. She asked me again pushed it hard and slowly. I just pushed it and my cock gone almost 2 inches inside but still 5 inches was outside.. I asked her just relax… she said ok Aaaaaaaaaaaa again I gave very big push and my cock gone fully inside .. She cried like hell Take it out I will die So I started kissing her .. She got relaxed…and seems to started enjoying I was fucking her real hard ahahaaaaaaaa fuck me hard She was enjoying .. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa Fuck me blood came from pussy as she was virgin Ahahahhh rape me She must have come at least 4 times in 20 minutes… I was about to come .. She said come inside .. She want to taste my cum inside her pussy… coz she has taken pills no problem ahahaaaaa ahahhahaha ahahahahaaa ahahahhaha after fucking around 20 minutes I came inside her pussy. She was really very hot now after relaxing for 20 minutes I wanted to bang her ass her ass was really hot… but she was afraid it might tear her asshole I convinced her nothing will happen what a hot ass I ever fucked in my life I sucked her asshole for at least 20 minutes then give her nice push inside her ass ahahahahahhaha take it out ahahahah take it out ahahahahh relax babe Nothing will happen again hard push and cock went fully inside her asshole ahahahah ahahaaaaaaaaaa she was crying like hell After fucking 20 minutes came inside her asshole What a nice fuck If anyone in Hyderabad are interested from 15 to 50 years of age females can email me and I assure all of u that your identity will be keep very secret but if you’re interested for very brutal and rough fuck.

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