Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cousin’s naughty game continued.

By: Robin

Hello all this is robin again. In my first story there was a mistake published. I am not 28 am 18 and studying in 12 classes. I want the correction because it’s a true incident and there is nothing fake. Anyway i posted that story few days ago. And after posting, next afternoon when i went to my uncle’s house, i gave my cousin russell a printed hard copy of that story to read and i told him that i posted this story to internet. Russell doesn’t have a lot of idea about internet so he curiously asked me “why did you do that, what is the benefit?” I answered him “i got some sexual pleasure on writing the story and when people will read it i will get more pleasure”. He became quite anxious hearing this “oh my god! You flashed it!” I tried to make him relax “oh! Come on, don’t be worried, none of your girl friend going to read it from internet i think”. As he had a little idea about internet he doubtfully asked me “how do you come to be sure? Some of my friends both girls and boys are quite educated”. I answered “listen i posted it in lesbian section, if someone read it, means she or he must be interested in homo sex , and will find not much wrong with it i am sure” i smiled and added “who knows you can get some other boys to fuck.” This time he looked a little bit relaxed and smiled. “no it’s tough to get a boy to fuck, but interested people to fuck any hole is available i think” i asked “really?” He laughed “yes my dear,” after a little pause, he added with a naughty smile “so you enjoyed that session? I can add something new in your life experience shall i?” I was exited to hear that but tried to hide that “come on, i am not crazy, i don’t want it so regularly.” He replied “but your eyes saying different! Don’t be shy; i am trying to make a surprise for you, and if possible even tonight, so that you can get something new to write”. I could not understand if he disliked my posting to net and so indirectly made a pinch full word. Then he went out for his sports, and i remained at home with mixed fillings of excitement and fear that i am going to be fucked hard by russell again tonight. I was also waiting for the surprise he committed and i was trying to guess the surprise. Probably russell will show me some more of his arts during sex. Near about 8-30 pm russell back to the home. We had our dinner with other member’s of the family and after that i went to the drawing room and watched tv. Russell was in his room. After about one hour i went to his room where we stay together at night. There i saw one of his friends came to him and they were having chat. Russell introduced me with his friends joy. Joy was staring with me with a strange look, and said “why did you made such a strange bet?” I could not understand anything and looked at russell, he was smiling and answered for me “because it is his habit to make bet and get loose, so today i make the condition such that after today he will give up his bad habit to make bet in every hour, on every matter”. I could not understand anything again and was going to tell some thing, but russell signaled me with eyes to stop and told “oh robin don’t be shy, it’s a bet, nothing else, and joy is a very good boy he will keep everything secret.” I was quite helpless in this puzzle. Now russell told me to come with him out of the room and told joy to stay there for a moment. Coming outside the room i asked “hey russell what’s going on? What is this puzzle?”

Russell was laughing and said “i told joy a lie, that you had made a bet with me and the condition was that if you loose in the bet i could do anything with you, and finally you lost, i want you to be gangbanged like a girl”. Now i understood everything. I told him “but why i will allow your friend to fuck me. I allowed you because you are my close one but he is a stranger, no it’s impossible.” Russell replied with smile, “no he is not stranger, he is my friend, and we are close enough, he is very loyal to me, really a good boy and why i selected him for this you know? Once he showed his penis to us and it is a huge one, we friends call him humraaj for his unusual big penis.” I asked him “do you friends often get nude in front of each other?” He replied “no, but joy may have a hidden pride in mind for his large penis, so he showed his treasure to us very close friends.” I asked “ but i don’t understand that how he became agree to do such a thing,” russell smiled “i was very tough to make him agreed, even now he has doubt in mind , my job is more difficult today to make both of you relaxed in this game.” Actually today i was not so shy like previous day, i was also curious to see a so called “unusual large penis”. So we entered the room, joy was reading an old news paper, none can believe this boy may have a large penis, he is not so tall like i and russell, may be he is 5’ 7 or 8” he is very slim, looks younger than us hardly 16, look is not so impressive but average. Now russell starts “so robin should get his punishment, what do you say joy?” Joy replied shyly “he looks like an innocent boy, why are you torturing you?” Russell said “come on it’s his punishment, and joy please don’t be shy you goody boy, we all are male here, if my cousin can be agree to be a girl and get ready to be fucked then what is your problem?” Now joy smiled for the first time and said “but girls do have vagina, this fake girl doesn’t have i am sure” russell laughed “but he has an asshole, and he assure me that it is clean and smooth enough.” I was getting red to hear my cousin’s nasty talk. He continued “now please put off you clothes and show my friend your fake vagina”. I felt very shy and requested, “oh russell please” russell was laughing loudly “no darling, no mercy”. We all were sitting on the bed; i started to put off my clothes. When i put off my pant and only with my black underwear, russell told “now i am at your service”, he made it open with one pull. At his erotic nasty words i was exited so my penis was semi erect. I looked at joy to see his reaction; he was smiling mildly, so every one of us could catch the funny mood of the session. I was getting something more than fun i was getting exited very rapidly, and my penis erected like stone. Russell said “now it’s my turn, i will show you my gun,” russell got nude, and his nice penis was already fully erect. The view of my cousin’s hard penis is beautiful as i narrated before. I was waiting for the new penis. Joy was now much more relaxed, seeing us to be shamelessly nude he readily agreed to put off his clothes and show his penis. It was very dark big and fat even it was flaccid, it has almost the same length of my erect penis (6.5 inch), but fatter. His balls were big too and covered with black pubic hair. Now russell continued his funny speech “hey joy your kid is sleeping, look at ours, hard like iron”, joy smiled “i am making its awakened”. He started to shake his penis with hand. Russell stopped him “robin will make it hard by sucking.” Previous day i could not take russell’s penis in mouth. But today i gave no objection. Joy was standing on knees. I took a position like dog and took my mouth near his penis and balls. I could smell a sweaty smell. I took the penis head first inside my mouth and started tickling with tongue. Within 20/30 second his penis started erecting and grew bigger in side my mouth. When it was fully erect i took my head away to see its view. It was really huge, even huger than russell’s penis. Russell asked me “what are you watching?” I smiled “once i thought my penis is the largest in the world, but now come to know i am very much wrong, i am only a kid among you.” Joy was laughing also, he asked me “have you ever measured your penis?” I answered “yes it is 6.5 inch” “then it is bigger than average, i know average penis size is 6 inch”. Russell now added “our joy is a penis size expert, he has a lot of study about this,” then joy told me “will you not suck it more?”

Before i say anything russell answered “off course he will”. So i went back to doggy position to take joy’s penis in mouth. I could not take it full inside. So i placed my hand at the bottom of the penis and was giving both hand and blow job. I was feeling russell was doing something with my asshole. I was feeling something cold inside my asshole that is he was lubricating it. He inserted his finger inside it. I had a little bit fear of pain in my mind, but out of excitement i forgot that. I was enjoying touch of rustle’s hand in my ass, and smell of joy’s penis in my nose. I was feeling russell took position behind me pointing his penis tip to my asshole, i was just sucking joy’s penis. Russell told “let me make your asshole easy for joy’s large dick” then he started pushing his rod, i felt some pain and realized that it is entering. I heard russell is saying something to his friend and both of them were laughing, i could not hear them clearly. Now russell started to give his stroke slowly and becoming faster. Within a few second he became merciless and giving hard jerks. He was stroking so hard that it became tough for me to give joy a blow job smoothly. My body was moving out of my control with russell’s stroke and joy’s penis was often getting out of my mouth. Joy was laughing at this and said “hey russell do it a bit slowly, poor robin will die”, russell was taking heavy breaths and said “hah, i am hah, making his hole hah, wider for you hah,” joy said to russell “now let me go to your position.” So russell withdrew his penis from my asshole with a single stroke and came near my head. I felt joy was trying to insert his fat penis inside my asshole. It was paining and i screamed. Russell told joy to put some lubricant in his penis and my asshole. Joy did so. One thing i marked both joy and russell were not touching each other, they were keeping a distance between them. Now joy succeeded to enter his penis and started to swing his hips. Russell came near my mouth and told me to suck his penis. It was inside my asshole a little bit ago, so i hesitated. But when russell put the tip on my lips, i took it inside and started sucking. On the other hand joy continued his fucking, his penis is bigger but his fucking speed is milder, he is not wild like russell. After 10 minutes russell took his penis away from my mouth, i understood he is about to cum. But 10 minutes went, 20 minutes went even 30 minutes went, still joy is still fucking. My asshole is now became a tunnel, i find no sense there. After 30 minutes passed russell impatiently asked joy “how long to go more?” Joy replied “i am … almost…at the end.” The last 5 minutes joy fucked vigorously, and with a deep breath he decelerated. And finally he stopped by taking his penis away. Now i looked at russell, he was sitting at the corner of the bed and waiting for his serial in my asshole. His penis is still strong even after 25 minutes it rested. After joy is over, he told me to lay on back. I obeyed him. Then he put a pillow under my hips, took my legs on my shoulder and pushed his tool in my hole. As it was now a tunnel i could not notice even his 7 inch penis entered. He was with his full speed of hip moving. And he was kissing one of my nipples, i got real pleasure. He did not last too long, after 7/8 minutes he cum inside my asshole. I could feel my asshole full with semen of two youngman. After russell finished his fucking, we both took our clothes again, joy already had taken his clothes, by this time russell was fucking me. All of us were very tired. I was feeling pain in my asshole as i was fucked continuously for 45 minutes. After the game is over russell told joy “it is good experience, is not it?” Joy smiled and nodded his head and said “yes, but i think, robin will never make a bet again in future.” I smiled and thought, “you will want it again, i bet”, robin_198826@yahoo

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