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Bhai ko peray shan keya our chodi ka meza leya

Bhai ko peray shan keya our chodi ka meza leya

By: khuram

Hi Mera nam sana hy (not real name) aur mein lahore(pakistan) ky rehny wali hn mera figure aik dum mast hy buhat se larky mjy chodna chahty hain un mein mera bara bhae khuram b shamil hy mery famely members mein mein 20yrs mera bhae 24yrrs my father was ded n my mother 45 yrs. Ak school main principel hain aur mera bhai pujab university mein M C S ka student hy jb k mein FA ky student hn mera rung gora height 5 ft 10 inch aur 36 k breasts hy ye meri pehli chudae ky kahani hy jo maray apny bhai k sath hy . Mera bhai mujay her waqet gorta reta the our kisi nakisi behany mujay tuch kery ki kosish main reta tha. Is ki b ak khas waja thi kune k main kuch modran type ki lerki thi.gher main shelwar kameez hi pehanti thi mager us ka gela kuch bera hota tha mujay mom ne kabi b nahi roka chay main koi b dress pehan loon mom kuch advince kisam ki orat tera mujay our bhai ko total azadi hy .bhai gher main top our pejamy main hi retay tha main rooz jab us k room main sefi ke leya jati to mari boobs ko ghoor goor ker dekta tha.mager main ne kabi notice nahi leti thi kune ke jab wo pany computer per kam kerya tha to main dekti thi ka us ny ak model ki pic legi hoti thi jis k boobes kuch nazer a rehy hotay thy aujay legta tha k us ko boobes ka shoke hy .mager ak din jab main apny room k bath main neha rehi thi to mujay aysa lega door per koi hy us din moon gher per nahi thi our bhai gher per hi tha main ny jab ghoor keya to mari nazer key hool per peri to bhai mujay nehaty howay key hool se dhake reha tha. Main anjan ben ker nehati rahi our us ki apna kam kerny deya .mager us din k bad main bhai ki her herket per nazer rekti.

Hemary gher main 3 room tha ak main bhai ak main mom our ak main main soti thi mera our bhai ka room ka door amny samny time pakistan main internet ki shorowad hi howi thi mari kuch dost muj se jab internet ki baatn ker to mara bi dil kerta tha ka main b net use kerna sekh loon. Mager bhai ka pass time hi nahi hota din main our raat ki main jeldi soo jati thi kune k mujay sobo ko nasheta benana hota ka bad bahi our mom ko nashta kerwany ka bad main collage jati thi our 2 pm per gher ati 2 se 3 ghenty eraam kery k bad neha ker frash ho jati our apni perhi kerti pher bhai b tution se a jata th our apny room main computer per apna kam kerta tha.ak din main b bhai k pass ja ker beth gi our bhai se keha k mujay b computer per net use ker na sekha do plz mager bhai nahi mana our bola apna PC lay lo to pher seka doon ga to main ne mom ko bola k mom mujay b computer lena hy phelay to mom na mani mager mari zed k agay un ko hetyar dalny per gy our 15 din ka intzer ka bad mera PC b a geya our main bhai se net sekny lagi sab se phlay phai ny mujay typeing speed benay k leya bola k yahoo use keya kero to main ny un se chating ker ni seki our id bena b.main ab apny room main net use kerti our yahoo use kerti thi .ak din main ak lerky se chat ker ker rahi thi to main ne us ka cam oper ker leya to main ne dekha k wo naked hi betha howa tha cam ker our apna dick hath main hela reha tha phely to mujay ajeeb laga mager pher mujay peta nahi kya howa main us ki muth rata howa dekti rahi jab tak wo discharg nahi howa . Mager mujay b kuch kuch honay lega raat ko main theek se soo nahi pi .doseray din pher main online howi to betah howa tha main us se chat keny legi our us ka cam open ker leya wo pher ajj naked hi tha our apny dick ko hath main le ker muth maar reha tha.our mujay b sex kerny ko bool reha tha majer main us din aysa nahi ker saki kune k mom mujya bola rehi thi main jab mom ka pass gi to us time bhai b un ka pass betha howa tha to main heran howi ka bahi to to is time apny room main hota hy mager ajj achnack mom ka pass beta howa hy to mom ne beta ka un k bhai jo karachi mian hotay haan un ki wife ki deth ho gi hy our un ko kal jana hy is leya main un kay kuch dreeses pack ker doon kune un ko kuch din wahan per rokna peray ga main ok boll ker chali gi. Agli sobo ko bhi mom ko ralway stand ker karachi wali teran main betah ker aya.

Ab hum dono bhai behan gher per alon thy to maray demag main sex ka kheyal aya main ne bhai to tang kernay ka plan bena shero ker deya.sobo main collage se jab gher i to main ne a drees nekala jo bohat sexy tha bera sa gela our bareek kesam ka our ak porani blouse jo k mujay ab choti ho gi thi jab main us drees main bhai ke samhy gi to bhai ne beray goor ker deka our bola ajj bohay achi lag rahi ho main ne un ko thanks bola our apnay kam main leg gi ajj bhai sab kam chor ker sehan main hi bath geya our main kitchen main kam kernay lagi our sath bhai se bola ka ajj hum khana baher se khayn gy to bahi bola theek hy us ka cheray se legta tha ke wo bohay kuch hy. Pher raat ko hum ak restoron main gay our denar keya jab hun bick per ja rehy thy to main us ka sath bhai sath is tera chekar beth gi ka meray figer us ki back ko tuch ker rehy thy wo bohat kuch lagrehay tha our mujay bi bhai ko tange ker k meza a reha tha jaty howay bi main ny wasa hi keya jab hum gher ka gate per rokay our bhai bick se utra to bhai ki peht front se kuch ubri howi thi. Pher hum ney a ker tv on keya our tv deknay lgay.sobo sunday tha tum deer tak tv dektay rehy our pher soo gay .sobo main jab keray dhoo rehi thi to bahi maray pass a ker bath geya our mary boobes ki teraf deknay lega to main b our nechay ho ker our ko apny boobes dekany lagi our behany se apny keproon ka ouper pani geany lagi our jis se mary boobs our ki zeyada nazer any shoor ho gay to main ne bhai ki teraf dekah to wo apnay lan ko kameez ka nechay se ki masel raha tha kuch deer wo youn hi ker ta rehay our mian apnay kaam main lagi rahi pher wo outh our bath room main chla geya 30min bad jab wo a ya to us k cheray ka gang lal ho reha tha main ne bhai se bola ka mari help kero sath kam main to wo our kuch ho geya our hum chet per keray sokahny chlay gay . Mager jab hum wapes sereyon outer rehy tha to mer peer pesal geya our main gerti howi nechay a gi meri back sari chell gi thi our tang per bi kafi chot lage gi thi . Bahi ney mujay a ker sehara deya our bed room tak legeya mujay bohat derd ho reha tha to main ne bhai se bola ka mom ke room se bame le ker ao our mari back per lega do ,,,,,,,,,,,,


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